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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Jonas Parker: Died this day 240 years ago, standing his ground...

"History, Roman history," says Everett, "does not furnish an example of bravery that outshines that of Jonas Parker. A truer heart did not bleed at Thermopylae. He was the next-door neighbor of Mr. Clarke, and had evidently imbibed a double portion of his lofty spirit. Parker was often heard to say that be the consequences what they might, and let others do what they pleased, he would never run from the enemy. He was as good as his word; better. Having loaded his musket, he placed his hat, containing his ammunition, on the ground between his feet, in readiness for a second charge. At the second fire he was wounded and sunk upon his knees; and in this condition discharged his gun. While loading it again upon his knees, and striving in the agonies of death to redeem his pledge, he was transfixed by a bayonet; and thus died on the spot where he first stood and fell." - Link is here.  Jonas and Captain John Parker were cousins.

Standing Orders of the III Percent Patriots:

I: Stand Your Ground

II: Do Not Fire Unless Fired Upon

III: If They Mean To Have A War, Let It Begin Here

IV: In The Absence Of Orders, Go Find Something Evil And Kill It

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