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Monday, April 20, 2015

Lawfare as a Political Weapon? No Way, Dude! If you catch a case, YOU DESERVED IT!

From Mike's Pleace, here.
I am often amazed at the ability of otherwise sensible people to slip back into Normalcy Bias and Cognitive Dissonance when it suits them.  I see it all the time, even among our little piece of the blogosphere.  Poke their beliefs (or desired outcomes) just a bit too much, and they go Armadillo, curling up into a defensive ball praying the threats to their security will just go away.

The US DoJ has an average 95-98% conviction rate.  How many agencies in .Gov have a competency/proficiency/efficiency capability of 95-98%?  If you don't understand the 'Why' of such high conviction rates - if you can't connect those dots - you are beyond my ability to help.  I hope you truly comprehend the notion of "Polygonal Battlespace".  

Here's the piece.  Seems a DA in Wisconsin is hunting Republican wabbits.

Imagine that.  Thanks to MC for this and all the other great news leads.



  1. I've stated it over and over-with the number of laws and regs-local,county,state,and fed,any prosecutor can at any time,indict and convict anyone they choose of any crime they decide to convict them of.
    And it ain't just fed prosecutors.

  2. From the AP: US warship sent to block Iran weapons off Yemen

  3. Polygonal and it's on for sure. Thanks for posting this, it's important.

  4. Attorney General Ed Meese, 30 years ago--"If a person is innocent of a crime, then he is not a suspect."


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