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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

LEO Off Leash

Victory can only happen when Thugs are stopped from Thuggin'...


It doesn't matter why LEO was on the scene.  They had no moral Right to assault the woman who was obviously not their Target and not a threat.  Note - she was armed with a camera, and he had an AR - likely not semi-auto.  Had he decided he was 'at-risk' - consider the possible outcomes...

5,000 men across the republic who have the balls to answer this sort of Tyranny needed - apply within, here.

This was SoCal.  That is American soil.  

Intolerable Acts.


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  1. Wow, This guys comments on this are amazing!

    Look at his #3 suggestion. Useful idiocy at its finest.

    John F. BaRoss Jr.

    Appears that there may be more here than meets the eye. The woman civilian appears at least a bit agitated/argumentative with law enforcement personal who appear to be trying to ignore her … then law enforcement personnel appear to communicate to the rather angrily approaching US Marshal that “it’s her” (this does not absolve the US Marshal from guilt, but may hint that the civilian woman was not completely innocent of potential wrong doing not evident in the video’s visual). While of course there are Constitutional protections for civilians to record as Jon T reminds us – and – the US Marshal clearly appears to be guilty of certain lawlessness, could the civilian also be guilty of violating lawful instructions from law enforcement personnel during and/or before this video clip? A suspension/ temporary desk job is merited until this can be investigated.

    Incident is another reminder:

    1) Law enforcement needs to always video sights & sounds of engagements with public – for protection of both public and law enforcement. Over the last year there have been many controversies with each being unique. Sometimes law enforcement is wrong (i.e.: Officer Eric Parker in Alabama who used excessive force tackling and paralyzing a non-English speaking 57 year old man visiting from India, and Officer Michael Slager in South Carolina shooting and killing a fleeing man in the back), sometimes it is a tragic accident (i.e.: Officer Peter Liang in New York accidentally discharging his gun in a dark stairway, killing a man sitting nearby), and sometimes it is civilian lawlessness (i.e.: the DOJ validated case of civilian Michael Brown attacking Officer Darren Wilson in Missouri, resulting in Brown being shot and killed).

    2) Ensure annual training/certification for all law enforcement on civil liberties of civilians, and obligations of lawful conduct by law enforcement.

    3) As civilian drivers must pass driving tests and register cars annually, plus renew driver’s licenses, introduce some form of civilian license that requires training of all civilians on all civilians’ responsibility for proper conduct when engaged with any law enforcement personnel (clearly many are clueless). A common denominator across virtually all newsworthy civilian-law enforcement controversies is escalation due to provocations by civilians (disobeying lawful instructions, fleeing, assaulting, etc.). How many civilian-law enforcement incidents make the news when civilians completely followed lawful instructions of law enforcement personnel?


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