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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Live Hard. Die Free.

The Power of the X

AAR: Jon RT (+ PT Tips)

Upcoming Training Schedule

CUTT: Civilian Unconventional Tactical Team.  Max coined the acronym, and I encourage you to think about.  Civilian - we are that.  Unconventional - that is how this fight will be waged and won (or lost).  Tactical - nuts & bolts at the level of trigger-pullers.  Team - without a Team, you are just waiting to die.  CUTT.

Think about the acronym, how Max has structured his training progression, and the awareness that this fight is on you and me.  No one is going to do this fight for us.  We will secure or lose Liberty.  It is that simple.

Also notice how neatly the CUTT lines up with the LGoP strategy.  Small groups of Patriots, operating unconventionally, calling their own shots at the tactical level with only the Commander's Intent binding us all together: Rightful Liberty. For the record: I use the word 'strategy' noting that it is not necessarily a strategy of choice, but of circumstance.  No other strategy can possibly work for FreeFor.  I also happen to think it is a good strategy.

Civilian Unconventional Tactical Team.  You are the cavalry.  When Evil visits your AO, the only people who are ready and willing to face that Evil are you and your CUTT allies.


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