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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Missouri Senate Yea's Con-Con

Is it possible that the Enemies of Liberty intend to try and maintain a semblance of legitimacy through a Con-Con?  Is it possible we are not in store for an Iron Fist?  Is it possible the Bad People think it necessary not to absolutely dismiss the USC and declare it "void", but to continue to have it - distorted as it may be - as their primary weapon for a few more generations?  Is it possible they mean to have a Con-Con in order to "legitimately" amend the USC to drop the perceived barriers to their absolute tyranny?

Maybe so.  Maybe no.

I'm not certain much discussion on this topic is relevant to III Patriots.  My position remains as it has ever been: Con-Con means War-War.  If I am still on the porch on the day it is officially announced, that is the day I will step off.  I will no more tolerate Mark Levin & Company in that room than I would tolerate Van Jones and Valerie Jarrett. 

But I will not be on the porch on that day.  Every instinct informs me that I will be dead before that ever comes to pass.  Because a Con-Con is meant to be nothing more than a rubber stamp to the infringements already taking place - infringements that offend my Soul.

Here's the piece on Missouri.


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