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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

MVT: Quality & Substance Matters

Max has a post I commend to each of you, here.

It sparked a discussion with a strong ally & friend of mine about the difficulty the Liberty Movement is having in finding significant numbers of serious Patriots who are willing to invest the time and effort and resources into real training.  I have met many of you face-to-face over the last few years.  I know how deeply committed many of you are about being ready to either step off the porch or be in a position to defend yourselves, or serve in an auxiliary role of significance.

I also know how many folks take a single day of training and consider themselves Subject Matter Experts, or even competent, with no real need to repeat a class or train the material with others, or work in a logical progression to build on those skills.  This is badness.

I ran a poll a while back asking how many people would meet you on an X if you called.  I'm adding a new poll on the right, tightening the question.  Please take a sec and hit it for us.

How many serious, capable, trained, fit Patriots would muster with you on the X in 60 minutes if you called?  In full Battle Rattle, willing to die before going home to secure Liberty.  Do NOT include your buddy who means well, but is NOT working on diet, PT and skills improvement.  I mean men (or women) who you KNOW will have your back and prove it by training with you now, when it is easy.

Having a Slick & Tricked (TM) AR is useless if it ends up being a French model - never fired and only dropped once.  Having a dozen men on your Militia roll call is meaningless if they play "Militia", the grown-up version of Cowboys & Indians.



  1. There's a group in between those who are fit, trained, and ready, and those whom I casually rebuff as "the Twinkie Militia".
    There's a lot of us. We're not really qualified as front-line assets anymore, but we were once, and many of us have been deployed. In my mind, I now recognize battle as a probable "Die in Place" proposition for me. I'm ok with it, but that makes me more of an 'individual contributor' than a leader.

    There are still plenty of tasks for those who contemplate themselves this way- sniper, medic, diversionary operative, etc. Just because you're not a front-line asset anymore, don't abdicate. Lead an auxiliary team. Be an individual contributor. Do what you can, while you can. Answer the nobility within you...


    1. Exactly right - I call this the Auxiliary.

      People with skills and commitment who make it possible for the "Runnin' & Gunnin'" element to survive. People who may not be up for running with 19-year0olds any longer (Heck, who is?!) but they can run radios, run Intel, run triage, run training, et cetera, and if push comes to shove, they are more than capable of taking a static or semi-mobile position with a rifle and defending an X.

      I think the Auxiliary is where it will ALL be won or lost.

  2. Here's what I think a huge part of the problem is-
    Far too many of us are well north of 40 years old-I'm 55,and my body's been beat to shit by broken bones,self inflicted stupidity in my younger days-(like working with a broken arm,then a couple years later-when I tore the ACL and PCL in my right knee- rather than staying on the couch like the doc told me to,I went back to work 3 days later wearing a knee brace)- that made old injuries hurt like hell now.

    There seems to be a serious lack of people in the 20-40 year old age group (s) in the Patriot/III% movement.
    Too few tip of the spear guys,too many of us "older" guys.

    1. You and LT are tracking here, as are many of us on the same thinking. What are your thoughts on focusing on building a strong Auxiliary capability - something that can be duplicated easily by Patriots across the country.

      Personally, I think if we build a strong Auxiliary, with the "Fun Stuff" of radios, shooting, secret-squirreling, CQB - the younger folks will be drawn to us, without ever having to make the conscious decision that "Hey, I'll be a III Patriot!"

      They'll just "be" a III Patriot, as a byproduct of the "Fun Stuff" and the information we older farts can share along with the Fun Stuff.

    2. Absofrickinlutely on the strong aux,because at some point the younger people are going to start figuring out they've been fed nothing but leftist bullshit since they were in preschool,and others will be coming out of their stupor one there's no Farcebook and Twitter,and Snapchat,and whatever else keeps their faces stuck in their phones 24/7.
      Most won't think Ham radio is cool or fun,but most will think shooting is cool or fun.
      There seems to be lots of interest from the younger people in MMA,so it's not a great leap to CQB.

      I still feel we should get several of us to work together on things the aux folks need to stock up-as much as we can.

  3. I turned 63 today. There's not a damned thing that I can't do. It may not be as fast as it should be and I gotta rest a little more during but I have a great deal of knowledge and the ability to transmit that knowledge to others. I'm doing fine. ;-)

    1. Alan, agreed. on Day-0 there's nothing I couldn't do - I'd pour 110% into it and make it happen. Day-1 would be rather interesting for me, consequently. On days 2...infinity, though, I'd be reasonably limited by the expectation of having to sustain. You see the challenge, right? We need more GP tools in our toolbox - guys who can dedicate themselves to days 2~200 and beyond.... that, I no longer am.
      Or maybe I've always been a 'special tool' and only just now coming to realize it? ;P

  4. I think part of the problem is those people who never attend a class often are too intimidated by seeing young studs in the hollywood movies and then their own age.
    No matter what your age you can be in good shape!
    The guy who got the best run time at the rifleman competition was 51!

    As for as I am concerned with the right tactial training and PT, anyone can be effective fighter into his 60s.

    Will there be set backs?
    Sure, I just had a combo of injury and TDY and getting sick push me back.
    But I know what to do to be back in shape and once you know how to do it it only takes 10 weeks.

    Those who doubt themsleves should sign up with these classes:
    You LOVe the results and also be a more confident man for it


    It works, do it!

    Is it harder than being active duty where someone pays for your gun/training/ ammo?
    Sure but it makes the accomplishment so much sweeter!

    Everyone who isnt outright disabled can be a warrior if he applies himself!

    These are our lives and we will live them the best way possible!

  5. excuses we all have them....from what I have seen with our youth, I question morals and indoctrination.....I would take slower, aged man/woman with morals and lack of indoctrination over a faster quicker youth with no morals and never seen freedom prior to 2001. when called to the muster in 1775 aged 15 - 79 showed up. we all have issues...matter of fact if you to want cry about how many wounds and scars you have I am certain the other side is not going to listen either....shits gonna suck on the front or in the back. if the lines break I would expect you the harden the fuckup and protect the innocent. that means PT, training, Skills, blood, sweat, and tears.....when ever I hear some one complain.. I don't want you around, your bad mojo.....this shit touch's a nerve with me...good ole 80/20 rule.....20% does the heavy lifting...


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