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Sunday, April 26, 2015

This is no small matter...

Putin accuses US of supporting separatists in Russia - here.

Beijing 'poised to take de facto control' of S. China Sea' - here.

I'm not going to simply snark about Russians moving their troops by train and the only desires of the PRC is 'Regional Stability'.

We warned when Russia made her move into Crimea, that if we saw Beijing take a serious step to conquer ground related to Senkaku, the only serious conclusion, based on reality and our knowledge of the actors and History, is that Golitsyn is about to be proved correct yet again.

Yes, our Domestic Enemies are still the greatest immediate threat to Liberty.

I posit, however, that defeating Red Americans is the easiest fight on the table facing us.

For everyone who dismisses the potential of Team BearDragon taking serious action against America, one question: What if you are wrong?

Even one EMP from either player means TEOTWAWKI - and that is not hyperbole.



  1. I think one of your greatest lines is, "Con-con means war-war." One of these days you're gonna realize that it was just as great the other time, and for the same reasons.

  2. Heh. Agreed, JK - "Con-con means war-war" is one of the most concise statements of fact ever uttered. And it has a certain ring...

    Rushina has been waiting a long time to make their play. They will not be denied. The blood will flow.

    We need to be positioned to use that fact as a catalyst to bring people not only to a willful defense of American life, territory, and treasure, but ALSO as a catalyst to force them to see (finally) how collectivism only has one outcome, ever.

    Any variation in the outcome is limited to the quantity of blood spilled, and is really no more than a 'rounding error' in the eyes of the demons who cause such things in the first place.



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