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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

**UPDATE** Re: LEO Black Bag on Baltimore Activist

CNN is making no mention that the HumVee was - or was not - LEO or Guard.

Interesting omission, if you ask me.

Here's the update.



  1. They took him out of the game, because he was a well-recognized leader, and he was firm in his position that the protests must be peaceful.

    Since "peaceful" protest doesn't serve the purposes of the machine, they removed him from the milieu, and will ensure that he doesn't return.

    Summer of '68 all over again, folks.
    Only this time they will push much harder...


    1. Excellent analysis LT. That's my final conclusion also.

    2. They did the same with MLK. When they couldn't bend him to adopt their violent program, they took him out of the game by assassination.

      Malcome X was eliminated because he turned away from the Nation of Islam, renouncing violence and giving testimony as to their violent ways. The retribution of evil is but more evil. Always.

      We will see much more of this. I don't expect we'll ever see Joseph Kent again. He doesn't serve the purposes of those who want violence; thus, they have removed him from the playing field. I would not be at all surprised if, after a suitable period of time, he too "dies in custody." It would fit with all of their past actions...


  2. Here are your ROE for travel/operations in any contested area:

    Avoid contested and/or enemy held territory whenever possible. Do not allow your wives/daughters to enter such territory for any reason. Period.

    Travel in threes whenever possible, and take two vehicles. Always bear full arms. Period. Spare mags are highly recommended.

    A "traffic stop" under such circumstances is cause to go hot, the moment anyone is asked to exit a vehicle. Assume reinforcements are en-route, and act accordingly.

    If there are 3 or more non-uniformed enemy combatants engaging you, assume that one of them has taken time to call in reinforcement via cell phone, and act accordingly.

    Assume *ALL* enemy activity is collaborative. That is, when you see looting, burning, etc. Never assume that all parties loitering in the vicinity are disinterested bystanders. They are most likely the QRF and/or covering force for the violent activities, and they will react to your presence. EXFIL NOW.

    Always assume that the opposing force has lookouts just beyond the edge of their held territory, and that you will draw their attention unless your OPSEC is of the highest standard. IOW - expect resistance, and expect that they will have the drop on you. Act accordingly.

    Place your own lookouts at the edge of contested territory, and back them up with sniping teams, able and willing to eliminate any forceful incursion, before it reaches it's objective. Have an exfil plan for everyone you deploy, and a QRF 'blocking force' to keep LEO at bay long enough to exfil any operator who fires under these orders.

    This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill.


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