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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Video: National Guard Troops Kidnap Baltimore Protester Off the Street

Yeah - those exercises in Florida were training for work in "...other countries..."

Decapitation practice gets a live-fire training run in Baltimore.

The next time you think about heading to a protest, you'd better not zip-tie your rifle or carry empty magazines - unless they are merely props you never intend to use anyway.  You'd better make certain your will is squared away.

Also: - 10:53 p.m. ET: Baltimore police said credentialed members of the media may continue covering events in the city after curfew, the department tweeted Tuesday night. Earlier, authorities in a helicopter told the media to move or possibly face arrest. [Emphasis mine - K]

Playtime is over.  

Now each of us gets to choose: Liberty or Death.

Here's the piece.



  1. It is all inevitable, now. This thing shall not be turned, and the violence is coming, as surely as the darkness comes after the day. They have barred all the exits, they have set all the pieces in motion to such an end; and most people cannot even see the big picture with sufficient clarity to notice their own part in it. Their own blindness prevents them from having to confront the fact that they are useful parts of the machine. This goes double for LEO. I'm not giving them an excuse,I'm just stating the situation as I see it.

    If you are not fighting against this thing, then you are voluntarily a part of it. There is no middle ground, anymore. Period.


  2. Question: was this guy thrown in the humvee? Any footage after the vehicle clears the frame?

  3. Standard bag-and-remove job.

    I guess most people don't have any concept of the tactics we've been using overseas since ~2003.
    Now that they are being brought home, the mystery of why we get so much hate around the world will become a bit clearer...


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