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Friday, May 29, 2015

A Piece on Donovan

If you are not setting up an OSS Shop in your AO, you are wrong.

Old-School works, especially against assets who rely too heavily on tech and fear.

There is a reason the III Society Official Logo is what it is...

...and it ain't because of SOCOM.

Here's the link.


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  1. The highest compliment I can pay to Gen. Donovan is that he hated politics, but loved his country.

    "Love" is not a passive verb, it was never meant to be. Donovan's love of country carried him behind enemy lines so often, and on such sensitive missions, that we will never know the total number of times he entered the belly of the beast, risked his life, achieved his objectives, and returned home to continue serving for us.

    THAT is love of country.

    All the passive flag waving and internet chatter I see today, which yields no benefit, no change in the operating scenario, is not "love". It is but idle affectation. If you have limited yourself to such idle affectation, if you have not personally laid it down, taken risks, and given of your time and your treasure to secure and actively promote liberty, then yes, this applies to you - you havent loved your country enough
    I'm sorry, but it's true.

    Some of us have worn the heels off our boots going to Patcons, and training, and fundraisers, and live situations like Bundy Ranch. Some of us have put out thousands of dollars to fund projects, assist our fellow patriots when the machine has wrecked their lives, and do other good works that benefit liberty. Some of us have applied our time and professional skills, pro bono, to assist other patriots in establishing businesses, training facilities, or to get other Liberty-oriented projects up and running, for the good of our community.

    And there are a rare few who have done all this, and more. I wish I could tell you how much more, but humble men seek not praise.

    Just because the shooting hasn't started, doesn't mean you have a license to keep the couch warm. I know there's something you can do, this weekend, to benefit the cause of liberty.

    Time is short, folks. Please, go out and do something worthy of your beliefs.
    Love your country. It needs you...


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