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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Will Grigg Piece

The hands of a genuine III Patriot.
Understand the task at hand.

It is a monumental task, and it will not be free. 

If you are not up to it, please do us all a favor and step out now, before we invest trust and resources into you - just to have you take a knee before the game even begins.  

Shouting "III" and "Wolverines!" is not what serious Patriots do...

Go Hard, or stay the fuck at home and STFU.

Good job once again by Mister Grigg.  Here's the piece.  Also linked at the Charles Carroll Society, here.



  1. Oath breakers. Any one of them is worse than a communist, an islamofascist, and a militant sodomite, all rolled into one.

    Such as these are top of the list,
    to discover the bottom of a septic tank,
    up close and personal,
    with 80 pounds of chain for company.


    ...and it's a long way down.

  2. What a piece of shit-and he's been a piece of shit since he was playing junior g-man,never worked for a living a day in his life.
    As the saying goes-lists work both ways...


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