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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Baltimore: It will burn to the ground

Nearly 21% of all jobs in the city of Baltimore are .Gov jobs.

Nearly 25% of city residents are below the poverty line.

Unemployment in many black communities in the city reaches 24%.

We know nationally that 50% or so of households receive some fort of .Gov financial aid.  Applying that average to Baltimore helps to complete the picture.

This pattern repeats itself, to some degree, in every major metro area in America.  All such areas are now and have been dominantly controlled by Leftist politicians.

CA asked this question of Alan over at WRSA: 

How in detail does one move from a utterly-bankrupt (i.e., liabilities in vast excess to assets), counterfeiting (Fed $ ops), WROL fascist (i.e., corporate/governmental connivance) soft tyranny (all cited to and decided by the Supremes as A-effing-OK per the revered USC/BoR) to a well-maintained with all PMCS check-boxed constitutional republic dedicated to the preservation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

I think the answer is obvious.  The answer also fits into almost every strategy that has been discussed among the commentariat at WRSA: Extirpate.

If any AO in America is to ever see any semblance of Liberty again, it will only come when the parasites and those who mean to be Masters are driven from the AO or otherwise convinced to stop being parasitic and tyrannical.

That is how one gets back to a Constitutional republic.

I contend, it is the only path back.

Here's the thread at Pete's place.



  1. Drive them all out. Period.
    No exceptions.

    And if they will not go,
    then let the blood flow!

  2. Top 50 cities at risk for riots resulting from 'racial tensions' -

    Baltimore; Washington DC; New York City; Oakland, CA; Compton; Los Angeles; Philadelphia; Detroit; New Orleans; Atlanta; San Francisco; Rochester/Buffalo; Boston; Houston; Montgomery, AL; Memphis; New Haven/Bridgeport, CT; Little Rock; Pittsburg; Chicago; Cleveland; Gary, IN; Charlotte; Jackson MS; Austin; Columbus; Portland ME; Cincinnati; Seattle; Minneapolis; Denver; Portland, OR; Milwaukee; St. Louis; Dallas; Manchester/Nashua NH; Dover, DE; Richmond, VA.

    Ordered in best approximation of likelihood. Such data is all anecdotal, so YMMV, but the list itself is solid.

    Do I have to say it?



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