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Monday, May 11, 2015

China has only regional goals, stupid American

...well, except for the African continent.

We posited here in the last two weeks that the global plan is a triad - Team EagleBearDragon.

Domestic Enemies intend to turn America as Red as China and Russia, and to dominate this hemisphere.  

We posited that China would take Asia and Russia wants Europe.  We noted that Africa would be strip-mined for its resources, afterall, who the F would want to rule Africa?

Well,  here's a story about said strip-mining by the Dragon.

Connect the dots, folks.

Angleton was right.  Golitsyn was right.



  1. Don't now what happened there, if my comment made it through or not, something hinky happened . Anyways, here it is again.

    China has been buying farmland in Africa for many years now.
    This is nothing new and has been happening right out in the open for years.


  2. In my not too distant past I worked an intel job that had us analyzing the inroads of China on the African continent. Specifically focusing on infrastructure and commerce (which segues nicely into Phil May's comment about farmland). There isn't a major port in Africa, along the west from Morocco to the south, and along the east coast from Somalia to the south (not including South Africa) that isn't directly funded and supported by China. The get MAJOR natural resources deals, all for building modern ports and roads/bridges...plus lining the pockets of local politicians with bribes; which we jail executives over. The USA is completely out of the picture in the majority of Africa. There are more Chinese nationals emigrating to Africa than any other continent in the world. Give it another decade, and central, east and west Africa will belong to China. South Africa will hold out a bit longer, and North Africa....well the goat-lovers up there will eventually have to fight or comply. I'm hoping for fight, as the Chinese will have no compunction against firebombing whole Islamic countries back to the stone age in order to pacify them. Who cares about the people, when all you want are the natural resources?


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