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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Consider: NYPD Wants to 'Amnesty' 1.2 million 'Criminals'...

Several points to ponder:

1) Just consider the state of affairs when a police army simply decides to arbitrarily not enforce particular cases.  I'm not talking about the discretion to not enforce X or Y laws - they still intend to do that enforcement - just not against those people already on the list.  So if you have an outstanding warrant for X - you get off free.  If your neighbor does the same X tomorrow, he catches a case.  That is the sort of arbitrary power that defines a Police State and WRoL environment.  The King's Law is not law, it is usually Tyranny.

2) Consider 'why' they want to issue the 'Amnesty' - because their Police State is so vast and effective at generating work, they have generated too much work for their current back-room operations (the courts, the processing, the jails to handle everyone who is in violation).

3) Consider #2 just a bit further.  If you run a business, one of the best 'problems' to have is too many customers.  Most businesses will expand in the face of more customers.  Why isn't NYC simply 'growing' their 'business' to handle all of the new 'customers'?  Perhaps the profit margins are too low to build more prisons and hire more admin staff to process the 'customers'?  Or, perhaps - the fundamental laws of economy have reached that point where a parasitic business can't expand because doing so begins to impinge too severely upon the host - the host that pays the bills.  If the latter has any merit, advocates for Liberty should have a little hope that the bureaucratic machine being funded by 'taxpayers' is reaching its breaking point.

4) Take special note of the quotes from 'Citizens' in the article.  Good luck ever using 'reason' or 'logic' or 'common sense' to change their minds.  They believe the 'criminals' are 'criminals' because they 'broke the law'.  Breaking the law was the bad part - with zero consideration of the validity of the specific law itself.

Here's the piece.



  1. When two factions have diametrically opposing philosophies, no amount of debate will ever change anyone's beliefs. All of us III%ers have very similar ideas concerning Life,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. We will NEVER bend to our knees and live under their oppression while our hearts still beat.That is a major part of what makes us III%ers. Once we understand our own true nature, it become a very simple decision, WAR. Many of us wonder why it has not started or why we have not started this fight. I believe things have a natural course, a natural point at which it starts, an organic flow and a proper ending. This war will start when the time is right and nothing we can do will change this. The important part right now is to stay alive and healthy until that day.

    1. "...an organic flow..."

      Dead-on accurate.

    2. Exactly.
      A "you can't push the river and win, but if you let the river push you...you'll go far", kind of thing.

      This is what so very many are waiting for.
      I though it had arrived in 2003.. and was painfully wrong.

      But we shouldn't overstate what comes - while 'pushing the river' will certainly get you killed, there's no guarantee that 'riding the river' will get you to any suitable destination in a living state, either.

      Like a carnival hawker would say, "You pays your money and you takes your chances." It's a mouthful of a statement, right there - Yes the game is rigged. Yes, we pick winners and losers. Sure, there is a small possibility that you can bend our rules and win without our pleasure, but you'd better leave as soon as you have done so...or else.

      There are parts of the carnival you will never see; and men of the carnival whose function you'd rather not imagine.

      "American Politics" is not much different from those of the carnival. There are two classes - the carnival operators, and those who pay to have the experience.

      The operators decide what the rules are, and they define what is "fair" in their venue. Your opinion is irrelevant; you've already paid your entry fee, and you can be thrown out if you make any sort of fuss.

      And next week, the carnival will be in another town, still operating under their own rules, still deciding what is "fair". But they will have collected the attendance (or secured the attention) of an entirely different group of people.

      All for profit; all so that the carnival operators don't actually have to be productive, themselves. And every carnival has it's "enforcers" who travel with it - to settle disputes among themselves, because they have their own laws. Paying visitors will never see that muscle, unless they pierce the veil of the carnival sufficiently to do *actual* harm to a carnie operator... and then, God help them.

      Our politicians are no different. A microscopic society within the society, with it's own select membership, it's own laws, and it's own means of enforcement. And God help you if you pierce the veil and take a chance to *really* hurt them.



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