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Monday, May 11, 2015

Guest Post: Emily Disraeli

Can't We Vote Our Way Out Of This?

The short answer is No. 

Our country/world, has shifted so far out of its normal orbit that now there is no mechanism to correct its path. Once upon a time, men of old might have succeeded in this correction, but now it's not possible. We must learn to look at our world with a new understanding and define the true nature of its corruption. 

The amazing part of this is how easy the description of that corruption is liken unto another corruption. Government, from Dog catcher down to the President has become so corrupt, that the rot has become systemic. To understand this better, let's look at this corruption as a disease we all know. The government has become a cancer, so malignant it will ultimately destroy its host. Like a cancer, each person in this government has mutated their original duties and limitations to a self-serving useless automata. 

Ask yourself if replacing one, two or even five hundred and thirty five individuals will make any significant change to this corruption? 

So like a cancer, removing individual cells will not cure the host, the corruption will simply grow back. Now the hard part, what do you do to cure cancer? We have to cut it out from the body, we have to kill it by any means necessary without killing the host. There can be no part of this cancer remaining or if there is, it will infest the host once again. 

We must understand the true nature of our problem before we can address its cure. 

I write this so that all of us can think and learn about the true scope and breadth of our trouble. 

Please understand, our Constitutional Republic is the holy grail we seek to RE-establish, it is the best form of government man has ever conceived and as long as its people are God fearing, moral individuals it works just as it was intended. 

Let us not seek revolution, but restoration of a government for the people by the people.

~ Emily Disraeli


  1. Revolution...Restoration. Maybe more palatable for the PC crowd. The fact remains the same regardless, .gov is pushing for this, begging, provoking, daring. Taunting like the school yard bully. Only relent will he when his nose bleeds will they. As chemo is the cure for cancer, lead becomes our treatment. It will be brutal, there is no surrender for III. Our die is cast, and it was cast for us. Remember that on the green.

    1. Remember, chemo works by ALMOST killing the patient. Stop the chemo too early, cancer is still there and can make a come back.


  2. Ya, I think it will change once we go full "Bracken". Overpasses, it's what's for dinner.

  3. At this point, there are only two valid choices -

    Go out and deliver the Ruckus to them; or

    Give them leave to deliver the Ruckus to your door.

    It's time.
    To make them pay...

    Ruckus, it's what's for dinner.


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