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Thursday, May 21, 2015

III CQB: Train the Trainer Program & Free Weekend at the FTYW Website

I am opening a portion of the III CQB Fight to your Weapon site for the weekend.

No - I am not going to travel and teach the Fight to your Weapon (FTYW) course this year.  Anyone who wants to take the class will have to travel to my studio.


Monday I will announce the details of the Fight to your Weapon Train the Trainer program.  I will begin accepting applications from those of you who would like to earn an instructor certification for the FTYW course.

Certified Instructors will be permitted to go forth and teach (and be paid for teaching) the FTYW course - whether to your Tribe, local Militia, or if you choose, you may even offer it to the general public and any martial arts schools in your area.  If you have been looking for a way to earn a bit  of extra income while training at the same time, this may be for you.

To answer your first question: No.  I will not be accepting every applicant, and I will not promise you'll earn certification.  Details will follow this weekend.

Password for the III CQB site: Citadel (case sensitive)

Site is located here.

If you can graduate the FTYW course - you have the physical abilities to teach it.  You'll just have to trust me to teach you to teach.


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