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Friday, May 15, 2015

Jade Helm Circle Jerk & III Comms Class

Sparks31 is hosting a class during the Jade Helm exercise dates.  Who knows what you might hear?

One thing is certain - if you voluntarily surrender your ability to hear, you've surrendered one of your most importance senses.

Here's the link.


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  1. What the Federal military seems to NOT understand is the "why" in the publics reaction to "Jade Helm-15" . The public reaction is a symptom of profound distrust (almost paranoia) of both the federal government and the federal military. The PSYWAR guys over at American Mercenary seems to think that there is some way to mitigate the damage done by 70 years of lies and abuse by the Federal Military Dictatorship, and there just isn't. No amount of federal "goodspeak" ,disinformation , or made up "polls" showing universal "trust" of the federal military dictatorship will, or can, fix that. This is the bitter fruit of the military takeover of civilian government after ww2. Thing are about to get WAY worse patriots. This is the war to exterminate the "bitter clingers". To paraphrase Sun Zu "first you position your army to surround your enemy,- while maintaining a false peace-then strike without warning" Ready or not.........Ray


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