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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kalashnikov USA

It doesn't matter if you prefer the Kalashnikov.  I'm not disparaging the rifle or anyone who chooses it as their primary platform.  In fact, I encourage every Patriot to own one, for the ability to eat its rounds when you find them on the Green.

Having them built in America has people in the Kremlin grinning.  It is a tangible bit of proof that the Reds have taken America.  Symbols matter.  The AK is a symbol of Red conquest.  

They win.  And they didn't need to invade or nuke us to win.  They subverted our culture and allowed us to eat ourselves.

Here's the piece.



  1. "They win. And they didn't need to invade or nuke us to win. They subverted our culture and allowed us to eat ourselves."

    The score doesn't count, until the final buzzer sounds. And while they may be ahead right now, there is still a bit of fourth quarter action to be played out.

    And there is quite a spread on this game, too.

    There are plenty of chances for the 3-point shot.
    And plenty of those shots could be taken.
    It's a matter of will, and practice, and follow-through.
    But first, we have to take the field.

    We are not yet irate. We are not acting tireless.
    Too many have not yet come to the conclusion
    that we are a ridiculously small minority.
    And that we must act accordingly...

    1. What does it mean to be a tireless and irate minority? It means that your actions must speak a thousandfold. You must push back, HARD, against this deconstruction which they seek to impose. You must do it EVERY DAY. You must make them FEEL IT, because they will not hear it...ever.
      If you believe in liberty, this is your DUTY, plain and simple.

      Let them who have ears to hear, hear...

    2. I hear you Brother.
      It kicked in for me when my 10 yr. old Daughter brought home a worksheet from school that the counselor had gone over with them in class.
      It was called 'Changing your Paradigm' ...no kidding!
      The number 1 step was to "Create a crisis, if you are not getting satisfactory results." They are teaching Cloward and Pivens to 5th graders in public schools in Colorado!
      Every Parent I know that has kids there received an awakening... as well as the staff and school board.
      They informed me that "The counselor used the wrong grade level material." I said BULL$HIT!
      Still hard for me to imagine in the U.S.A.


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