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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Leadership & being led

This is priceless: "...a symptom of talking when you should be listening is sometimes two black eyes."

I have a post coming up soon on leadership and professionalism, and how these notions affect our efforts in the Liberty Movement.

Max has written an excellent accompaniment, here.


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  1. There are, essentially, five kinds of people in the world. One rightfully repulses me, one causes me to expect betrayal, and one is inscrutable to any, save God.

    I try, to the best of my ability, to surround myself wih those from the two remaining groups.

    If you automatically assumed that I'm being discriminatory by expressing such an opinion, that would put you in the group I most judiciously avoid.

    And if you want to hear my full explanation on this topic... then come to the Patcon in July.

    True leaders tend to seek the company of like minds... even when the cost is high. And faithful followers know the value in sending their leaders to such gatherings - they do not consider it a burden to cover some of the costs, because they know that they too benefit.

    Time is as valuable as what you do with it.
    Make every day between now and the coming calamity worth as much as possible, because these are the good old days...


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