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Thursday, May 7, 2015

LEO: Our Standing Army

The focus of Patriots should be on the problems as they exist, not so much on what is the best course after we win.

After Liberty is restored, it is my belief  that people in states that wish to secede should do so,  If America emerges from the imminent conflict with new boundaries where our current states are drawn on maps, then those polities should determine their path forward.  One caveat: If they choose any form of governance that infringes Rightful Liberty, I'll have a problem with it.

Getting to victory will require a unified battle cry - everyone pulling the rope in the same direction.  This means a strategy that will be implemented by Patriots across the country, without reliance on any form of central command.

I remain convinced that the battle cry of "Restore the Constitution" is the only path forward that has a realistic chance of success.  The overwhelming majority of Americans recognize the Constitution and BoR as the guiding star.  Even the Enemies of Liberty must constantly profess that what they are doing is "Constitutional".  Without Constitutional 'Legitimacy' FreeFor will lose.  The average Human Being doies not like change, especially change of such magnitude as fighting for something other than the Constitution, which has been their political bible since birth.

Our Founders warned against a standing army, based on the historical fact that Bad People almost always turn the weapons of that army upon the citizens to impose tyranny.  I have only mild concerns that our uniformed .Mil will intervene and support tyranny.  Some reserve and Guard elements will do so, but they are relatively insignificant.  

The 'Standing Army' that poses an existential threat to Liberty in America is "Law Enforcement".  They are in every town in America, and the overwhelming majority have demonstrated time and again they will enforce unconstitutional laws.

A battle cry from FreeFor to disarm LEO and force them to disband is constitutionally valid.

LEO is the first priority for FreeFor.

Here's a piece from Fabius Maximus.



  1. On another forum, I asked the question, 'if it walks like, looks like, asks like' etc. given the current state of LEO and the appearance of being an internal 'military' force, some idiot quoted the US Uniform Code .....
    Just saying that given the current state (and seemingly ramping up for more) of affairs with LEO and cross training with the military, there is much to be wary of: once the parts and pieces are in place there will not be much time to act.

  2. It is not looking good for America as we once knew it.


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