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Saturday, May 2, 2015

May Day: Anarchists show us once again who they are - Red Team

I know not all Anarchists are Red.

Just as all "Patriots" are not seeking genuine Rightful Liberty.  Hell, I doubt if the real number of people who want genuine Liberty hits .5% of the population.  And of those, a much lower number will actually work for it.

But I've never seen one single Tea Party riot.  When we do see one, they won't be throwing bricks.  

They'll be throwing FMJs & JHPs.

Seattle - here.

Oakland - here.

Portland - here.

San Francisco - here.

Cuba to Russia to South Korea to Turkey - here.

There is much, much more to the Police State being imposed on America than simple, common petty tyranny.  The Baltimore riots are part of a global power play to turn the entire planet Red.

I still maintain - Better Dead...


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  1. If they are seeking to establish "rulers" to violate Rightful Liberty (which is all rulers ever do), then what they advocate isn't "anarchy".

    Yeah, they may claim the label, but I could claim to be a kangaroo, too.

    And the "media" may call them "anarchists"- but they call liberty lovers "terrorists", so I wouldn't put much credibility on what they say, either.

    If they believe in "authority", and want someone to have it, and use that "authority" to violate life, liberty, or property (in the name of "society", "fairness", or whatever), then they are some form of statist, even if they oppose the current type of "State".

    No rulers; not "no rules".


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