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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mississippi: Two LEO Dead

A trend appears to be emerging.

I put no moral considerations into this analysis - just pure analysis.

Whatever the two guys in Mississippi were doing, they took the decision that killing LEO was preferential.  There was a time, until very, very recently, people submitted to LEO, even when facing very serious charges.

Human Beings are adaptive animals.  This is how we have survived and evolved.  

There seems to be collective understanding rising in many minds, across the country, that LEO are Human, thus they bleed.  Some people are taking the decision to fight, versus submit.

If you are an advocate for Liberty, you simply can't object to this trend, if it is becoming a trend, in the face of the rising tide of demonstrable LEO abuses nationwide.  There are no absolutes, of course.  But it sure does appear some folks simply aren't willing to bend knee.

These two shooters may deserve to be put down - we simply do not know at this moment.  

But the trend, if it is a trend, marks the beginning of the change of our national paradigm.

400 people have been toe-tagged by LEO in America this year already - here.

Here's the link.


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