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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Monumental - Kirk Cameron

A member of our Tribe loaned us a copy of this DVD.  You know I do not recommend books, blogs, authors, et cetera lightly.  When I do, I mean it.

I can commend this DVD to each and every one of you.  I will go so far as to encourage you to buy several copies, and give them to people close to you who are on the verge of Awakening, or who have begun the process.  I consider myself a relatively well-informed person on our Founding - and I learned a few things - things that not only reaffirm my commitment to Restoration, but also in the wisdom and courage of those who brought America to life.

Here's the link to Cameron's page.



  1. It's on Netflix also. I was really amazed by it myself. He also has one called Unstoppable. Also available on Netflix.

  2. if this is the documentary which includes the monument in Plymouth, Ma, we are close enough to have made the trip and visited it... awesome structure full of meaning... inspiring

  3. We're not much for TV or movies in my house, but we watched "Monumental" when it was first released, and I highly recommend it.


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