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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Never Forget: China Warns US Aircraft Over New Islands

If you are still listening to idiots who offer 'analysis' along the lines of Russia is no threat - they still move their troops by train! --- I can't help you.

America lost the 'Cold War' - which wasn't 'cold' nor was it ever 'over'.  A massively successful generational war has been waged against America and Liberty for more than 100 years to turn the country Red.  Those Red aspirants used power-hungry Useful Idiots of the Hamilton/Lincoln/FDR/Bloomberg ilk within our borders to accomplish their goals.

I have warned since Russia moved on Crimea to watch the Dragon.  I counseled that if they made a serious play for expansion, especially involving the Senkaku Islands in any way, it could only be interpreted as nearly-final verification that Golitsyn and Angleton were right.

My analysis did not come from a college education or a .mil MOS credential in "Intelligence" - which probably helped keep the level of dumbfuckstupid to a minimum in my head.  I take no joy in watching my analysis prove out.  It means my darkest concerns were legitimate, and we are in for one hell of a fight - far more intense than merely a counter-revolution on a continental scale against Red Americans.

Here is what you must resign yourself to at this point: Domestic Enemies of Liberty in America intend to fundamentally change America by permitting a Red Triad to dominate the world - Russia will have Europe, China will have Asia, and American Reds intend to remain in power in this hemisphere.

Once you resign yourself to this eventuality, here is the fundamental Truth you must never forget: None of this needed to happen.  Domestic Enemies of Liberty in America, men who mean to be Masters, have deliberately set upon this course, have deliberately and unnecessarily created circumstances for World War III.

Why?  Who cares - but if you need reasons, here are the top two: There are Americans who mean to be Masters, and those people are fundamentally Evil - the only way to cover up the global theft that has been taking place for the last hundred-plus years is a world war.

None of this needed to happen.  It is ONLY happening because Evil men mean to be your Masters.

When this escalates to pure ugly in America, when you are looking at long odds of surviving another week, and every single time you run across one of the Evil/stupid Fucks who have helped bring this to reality - remember that none of this needed to happen - and hold them to account.

You may not think it is your place to act as a Judge against such men.  Fair enough.  But you can sure as hell arrange the meeting with the Rightful Judge.  Trust your gut, you'll be right more often than not.

Timeline?  No idea.  Sooner than later is a good bet.  It will never be a Red Dawn event or Wolverines scenario.  It will never be like Cold War East Germany - they don't have the time to ramp-up to that level of dominance - they'd need at least another 15 years to get there, probably more.  

All is not lost - but you'd better understand the Polygonal Battlespace will be much uglier and more complex than a 'simple' Civil War.  Not only is any means necessary a realistic axiom to apply, but also understand that every means necessary is in play - on all sides of the Battlespace.

And when you feel like all is lost - just remember that none of this needed to happen, and let that fuel your rage for one more week, or day, or hour...




  1. For III%ers it is now about mind set. Will we win this war or will we lose? Most of us will never know, so it's all about attitude now. We can become defeatist and bury our heads in the sand or we can do what needs to be done. It's strange, I recently wrote about the dangers of our Government becoming a cancer, now I believe the III% movement must become that cancer. The analogy is clear, if the III%ers become a malignancy in occupied America, then as a dominant proactive force, we can clear individual AOs and eventually kill Red America. I know that analogy leaves us with a disturbing image but we must define our path, our battle plan, think it through and then execute. Boldness wins the day.

    1. And there Emily nails it.

      Mindset. Vision. Conviction. Action.

      When the progressives set about to overturn our Constitutional Republic just over a hundred years ago, the first generation knew they would never see the finished product. But they acted with conviction, just the same.

      And while I'm NOT saying that it will necessarily take 100 years to turn it back...it might. We absolutely MUST have the determination and conviction to sow what we will not reap.

      Got faith?

  2. Oceania is at war with Eastasia.

    Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

    Big Brother is our only hope. It is he who protects us from the evil plots of Goldstein and his subversive followers.

    And if you do not believe, there is always Room 101, comrade.


  3. In my humble opinion, I believe China smells weakness just as Russia does. They are taking advantage of the opportunity to expand while there's little risk. What I can't get my head around why we would intentionally weaken our forces while at the same time pick fights with countries who are expanding militarily. It has to be intentional. If we, with limited intel , can look at the chess board and know that Russia and China would ally themselves then you know our bosses at the pentagon know it as well. And if there's a skirmish, you know damn well Iran will enter the fray. Look up troop numbers for Russia, China and Iran and start doing simple math. Our military can only do so much. Just my thoughts.

    1. Shane, for 50 years, the US was preeminent in the projection of force around the globe. But that does not foster their desired end-state, which is a roughly balanced triad of powers, none of which has the raw power to win, but all of which maintain sufficient power to "be a threat" to the other two. This facilitates a perpetual state of three-way conflict; a war which can neither be won, nor withdrawn from.
      This perpetual war is then used to justify every other evil thing which they intend to inflict, each upon their own population - Hunger, death, lives wihout dignity or prosperity, let alone liberty, or even a measure of self sufficiency. All these evils, and man more, will be "justified" by the perpetual state of war which they have contrived to achieve through their triad of global dominance.

      Quite plainly, that is why Clinton declared an "end" to the cold war, and we have since given Russia and China a free span of 20 years in which to increase their military might at our expense, while we have allowed our military to languish.
      The balance of power between the three legs of the triad is *essential* to their plans.

      I expect that, as military parity is reached, we will see the UN pushing a whole new batch of "military force treaties" which will make maintainig said balance of power a matter of "international law". When you see this happen, know that the wars will begin before the ink on those treaties is dry...



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