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Saturday, May 2, 2015

NYPD LEO Shot in the Head

The officer was the fifth New York City cop shot in the last five months.

So, New York City is averaging one 'Officer Down!' each month.

When the cost of thuggin' gets high enough, men will stop thuggin'.

Reality is simple.  



  1. I know a cop about same age as the NYC cop. He told me once how funny it was to him, to Taze a man and make him cry ! This young cop is niw a former friend.

    BTW....I wonder if Frank Serpico grieves for this NYC cop ? NYPD, the most corrupt group of scoundrels in FUSA.

  2. I told a local pig, when he got his shiny new tazer, "Taze me, you better hope it kills me". He knows me. He knows I mean it.


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