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Monday, May 18, 2015

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  1. The the Republican party is just same as the Democratic party, no difference at all. They both lie every time their mouths move and most elected or appointed officials are all about control and getting themselves richer. How else could all of these unconstitutional laws and actions taken place without someone being tried for treason and hung, shot, sent to prison? That is why a new party should be started, the corruption is so ingrained you can't root it out you have to kill it. That is what needs to be done to the Republican and Democratic party.

  2. I think the solution is actually a hybrid of the two poll options:
    1. Start a new party.
    2. Get reps elected that commit to new party but run as Republican and can influence change within or at least interrupt the Republican agenda with a "no" vote when it is contrary to Rightful Liberty.


    1. So - start the new party and get some legs under it, while in districts where it makes sense, run under the R. Eventually, the Rs elected on the new platform can mass-exodus to the new party when the timing is right?


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