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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sorry, I just don't see a problem here...

“I haven’t seen the police since the riots,” Lee said. “People feel as though they can do things and get away with it. I see people walking with guns almost every single day, because they know the police aren’t pulling them up like they used to.” 

So, there is a marked decrease of LEO enforcing unconstitutional law and a marked increase of local citizens coming to understand they need to do such things for themselves.

You'll also notice that citizens are loathe to surrender the ground gained when LEO backed-off.  Now  ...our officers tell me [Police Commissioner Batts] that when officers pull up, they have 30 to 50 people surrounding them at any time...

Citizens are standing up and choosing to keep the Blue Gang out of their AOs.

I don't see a problem.  Of course these areas will now have to go through the pain of turf wars and all that goes with a sudden power vacuum that leaves genuine predators unchecked running free range - but for folks advocating RevWarIII, this should make them happy.  This is how wars are begun and fought under current American circumstances.  The predator/prey issue will work itself out.  That's called Nature.

You may not like the color of the skin of those folks in Baltimore who are running the King's Enforcers out of Dodge.  You may not like their music or much else about them.  But if you can't respect individuals who are doing what most people in this community advocate, well...

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  1. there's a difference between resistance and savagery.

    1. The only savagery I've seen in Baltimore was from the Blue Gang.

      The crowds gathering around LEO as stated in the article aren't breaking spines or even giving cage rash lessons.

    2. 1) freddy was injured before he got in the van, and he just had neck surgery days before from a car accident to fuse verts and should have been at home in bed rest.
      2) the savagery i speak is gangs on citizens. w/out leo, the thugs victimize the weak in horrific ways. i don't see that being a good thing.

  2. "You may not like the color of the skin of those folks in Baltimore who are running the King's Enforcers out of Dodge. You may not like their music or much else about them. But if you can't respect individuals who are doing what most people in this community advocate, well... "

    Well spoken, for the record though, I like the music and the color. I told you before K, there are a lot of trees throwing shade in the "Liberty Movement". They allow their true feelings to interfere with the intent of Rightful Liberty.

    1. And that position is yours to prefer. But if you truly believe in Rightful Liberty, then you MUST admit to the legitimacy of the alternative position...

      So long as it does not broach the rightful liberty of others...

      Ill put out there plainly - there WILL be separatist communities of BOTH races in our nation, assuming we actually achieve what we claim to want. And that's ok.

      They will NOT resemble each other very much in the particulars of law, or in culture. And that's ok.

      But the fact remains that they will be equally legitimate in the eyes of those who live there. And THAT is what counts, is it not?

      What God has made is GOOD. All of it. Because it tests all to achieve goodness. Its not about where you start, its about where you'll spend eternity that counts.

      LT out.

  3. "The predator/prey issue will work itself out.  That's called Nature."

    We'll see about that.

    And, of course, there'll be no mommas in the street crying, after Tyrone and Jamal get shot as "predators" by some of the free guns of the neihborhood, about what good boys they were, with sterling characters and bright futures?
    Of course there will be. The difference is that there will be no way for Al, JJ, and the racebaiter crew to swoop in for an 'impromptu' rendition of "it's all whiteys fault".

    If you're sensing mixed feelings from me on this issue, its not because your gut requires recalibration.

    Free guns are only as good as the communities which enjoy them.

    Free trade is only as good as the market which drives it.

    The dignity of a community is only as secure as the abiliy of the wisest members of the community to reign in those among them who are most rash.

    I have sincere doubts about Baltimores ability to raise itself up - think French Revolution vs. American Revolution, here.

    If Baltimore is to enjoy any decent future, then their REAL communiy leaders need to stand up now, and call around them a formidable circle of faithful enforcers. Not 'Law of the Jungle' crap, here; I'm talking about legitimate (Common Law) executed by leaders drawn from within the community, and who have substantial support (established legitimacy) across the community.

    Absent all this, then all they have done in Baltimore is substitute the tyranny of anarchy for the previous oligarcgic tyranny, and their end shall be worse than their beginning.

    Baltimore is a warning to all of us. "Black" is not the issue. "Communities incapable of maintaining thei own liberty" is the issue here, and that risk applies to every community in our society. Period.
    Man's victory will only be found in the ability of communities to submit to their higher nature. Those which fail, shall perish. Simple and unavoidable.

    1. My hope is that Man will evolve in Baltimore, and rid themselves of the malum in se practitioners and Unicorns will start pooping Skittles at the Inner Harbor. ;).

      My expectation, however, factors more reality into the equation - I expect in Baltimore and most other festering sores across the country, that the power struggle inside the Beltway (or loop, or whatever the various metro areas call their primary encircling highway that often serves as a Go - No Go demarcation) will be sufficiently consuming of resources that the ability to project power outward from those metro areas becomes drastically limited. The moment NYC becomes Baltimore, the ability of the Reds in NYC to influence the larger region will implode.

      I like implosions of the sort that make us safer. ;)

    2. I like any proposition which includes NYC imploding...

  4. chicago cleveland detroit baltimore they are all going to burn and people will die
    thats what happens to liberal progressive cities that continue to vote democrts into office


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