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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Talking Points

Terror threats:

DHS secretary: Lone-wolf attackers could ‘strike at any moment’  “We’re very definitely in a new environment," Jeh Johnson said.  http://hill.cm/9GTclUc
Feinstein: ISIS is saying ‘kill, kill, kill’ on social media  “It’s a force that we really haven’t seen before," the senator said.  http://hill.cm/WpkJMJp
Homeland Security chairman: 'Terrorism has gone viral'  “I think there’s been an uptick in the stream of threats," Rep. Michael McCaul said.  http://hill.cm/iB5Yqay
GOP senator: US must not allow ISIS to look powerful  “We are not adequately defeating them," Sen. Ron Johnson said.  http://hill.cm/JRfVbZL
Former House Intelligence chairman: NSA ruling emboldens ISIS  Mike Rogers said an important anti-terrorism tool is now "off the table."  http://hill.cm/YMKXhxd

First DHS secretary: Today’s threats worse than post-9/11  Tom Ridge said terror threats are more serious and complicated.  http://hill.cm/amdVvFF

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