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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

US-China war 'inevitable' unless Washington drops demands over South China Sea

Can you hear the beating drums, folks?

It's an orchestrated little ditty, the performers know it well.

There is going to be a fight.

The big players think they know how it will end.

They may be correct.

You have a vote.

So do I.




  1. YHAWN. The Pentagon knows that in the event of war the US military; ALL OF IT, has the ships planes and manpower to last all of 72 to 100 hours Vs. China. IF the Chins decide not to follow the navy into the central Pacific when the survivors break and run after they get their asses handed to them. Our military ALL OF IT are equipped with 1970s and 1980's Tech refurbished and rebuilt dozens of times. Our "manpower" is being castrated and replaced with faggots, fat assed wefare whores ,and butch dykes who think that " global warming" and "PC" is a mission for the military. This is just more terror porn propaganda from "Obama and the great pentagram". They won't go to war because they CAN'T !! They simply have nothing to fight a nation state war with. The military that blitzkrieged across the Mideast in 1991 and 2003 is gone to the scrap yard. ---Ray

  2. I have said it before and I stand by the analysis - since Clinton, the US administration has been purposefully weakening our military, while at the same time allowing Russia and China to build theirs up without challenge.

    The purpose of this is to create a ballanced triad of power. The desired state being that no one "side" can prevail against any other, but that each side will have the capacity to fight a "limited" war almost indefinitely.

    This places ALL REAL POWER into the political realm - Treaties. Alliances. Intrigues. Betrayals. All the back room bullshit which the political elite love. And no possible exit from it. Even if the military leadership of one side saw through the ruse, they would never be able to stage a coup in the midst of such an unending conflict.

    Its the perfect check mate, 1984 style.

    Do you see the implications? The ones which go beyond just fictional allusions like 1984 and The Hunger Games?

    Now ask yourself why any person or group of people, no matter how depraved, how evil they are, would or could want such a state of wretchedness imposed upon *all* of humanity. Forever.

    If you can't see that there is an evil power at work here which far exceeds anything human - in craftiness, and in patience, and in utter hatred for ALL which is human, then you're not looking at the ultimate "bigger picture".

    There are powers and principalities at work here, and evil in high places. And the war which rages is not just for the love of power in this physical world, but comes from the eternal realm...


  3. I think that now, while our leaders quiver at the thought of global climate change, Russia and China sense an opportunity to gain the upper hand. I agree that our military is nowhere near as powerful as all the common folk think it is.

  4. Between perception and reality there is a zone of occlusion - that which is hidden (by nature), concealed (by a willful act), or as-yet undiscovered (defacto ignorance).

    The Occult Arts are those of purposeful and schematic use of occlusion, to manipulate the populace to the pleasure of the practitioner. Note carefully that this includes both acts of deception, and the creative use of other people's inherent ignorance.

    There will always be ignorance. And thus, there will always be evil to fill the void...

    When you tolerate ignorance, you invite evil.
    Even within yourself.


    This post isn't as oblique as you think it is...

  5. The only power our military has, or ever had; lives in the heart of the true warrior. Not all of those hearts are active duty hearts, but you must know that many of them are. Those who are not active duty any longer, still train as if they were; and train others who seek that heart. Those who are making decisions now don't "lead" anything, and they will likely learn that hard lesson soon. Our leader is the King of Kings; and "a time is coming, and now is..."
    The Lord is a warrior. Too often, the Jesus that we learn of in our youth is given earthly, secular, and sadly; erroneous traits - resembling man more than God. It is good to remember that He is holy, and righteous, and the Creator King. You may not believe in Him, but He does believe in you - and us - because He dwells in the heart of the warrior.
    When this all starts, and it will - it is those hearts He dwells in, that will win the day. History as well as Scripture teaches that.
    It is sad that government is chiefed by the double tongues; but it will be good when warriors such as us meet... stormfriend sends

  6. Oh man! That "true warrior" crap ended in 1916 at a place called the Somme when 60000 men fell the first day of a six month long blood fest that featured all the best party favors of the day. TWO MILLION HE SHELLS PER DAY from June 'till December , Poison gas clouds that killed the earth itself for a century. One million dead . Uncounted wounded. 180000 MIA and worse to come the next year. WW2 was worse--Especially in Russia and China with death tolls above 20 millions You children have no idea what a global war will rain down on us all. God won't show up to save you from bullets , Napalm or Nukes. So decide now{ if you can} Do you want to die in some far off land for the ink in a bank ledger? Or stay here and fight the SOB's that put your ass in this sling. They say "God helps those that help themselves" , but its bullshit. God only helps when he feels like it . The rest of the time you are on your own. You don't have to be a warrior to fight for your freedom , you just gotta show up and start working . The rest is just romantic bull shit. ---Ray

    1. Your bullshit troll...That's all you have ever been..

  7. Sorry Ray, but whoever coined the phrase, "God helps those who help themselves" was missing the point. God helps those who adhere to His teachings. And what He helps them achieve is not a temporal victory, but an eternal one. Perspective, sir. When the victory here is of eternal value, then and only then will we see it in this world. If our cause is just, then it shall prevail. If our means are just, then we will be rewarded. But if they are not just, then they deserve to fail, and if we lack justice, then how shall we be judged?

  8. Well Ray, I can understand where you are coming from - I believe LT has addressed that quite succinctly. And although I could take offense at the "children" name calling, that's more of your mindset and opinion than true knowledge. Your thought that "a global war will rain down..." is bullshit, TPTB have zero desire or motivation to "damage" the goods, or the minions, that "provide" for them. All the rest of the "don't need to be a warrior" to fight for your freedom, you just need to show up - well, let's just say that on behalf of those of us who will be in attendance, come on up and introduce yourself. We'll be easy to recognize, our banner will be clear. stormfriend


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