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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

We keep hearing the same talking points and memes

Get rid of cash - here.

LEO to field Drone force - here

US SF (3rd Group) training with US LEO for House-to-House Raids - here

US Senator (R - Corker) Says NSA needs to collect more personal info on Americans - here

NYC Mayor on "The Progressive Agenda" - here

WV Boy Suspended for NRA t-shirt - here

Off-Duty LEO Beats & pistol-whips Old Couple on Street - no penalty - here

Bloomberg Bankrolling Another Anti-2A vehicle - here

Everything you and I hold dear is marked for death.



  1. Sad, yes. All we hold dear is indeed marked for death. Yet, between "them" and what I hold dear stands...me. And I'm not alone, and I'm not unarmed, and I'm not afraid. And I won't let "them" know what is in store for "them". Some of "them" already know what I was trained to do, and some of "them" may even understand I was quite proficient at my trade. Others will learn a quick, painful, merciless lesson; from a long damn way away. "They" won't even hear it, the report arrives downrange after the lead. Let's collect coup. stormfriend sends...

  2. FYI. IR cameras for drones are about 700 -1200.


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