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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Working to define Enemies of the Left

The Red Leftists in America are working tirelessly in recent months to define Patriots and Liberty Advocates as extremists, sovereign citizens, and any other label that will have knee-jerk reactions among the uninformed masses and the Law & Order populace.

In this latest example, LEO is trying to label Jeff Gray, a 1A advocate, as a Sovereign Citizen, with all the negative connotations that it carries.

There is only one reason such efforts are underway at such a pace.

Men who mean to be Masters have a plan, and that plan is likely to commence in the relatively near future.



  1. The PLAN I believe will be to provoke Patriots with the PsyOp Jade Helm15.
    It will begin the 3rd great American Crises (The destruction of the Socialist/Progressives) with Slavery, and the American Revolution preceding it.
    The Tree of Liberty is thirsty Brothers.

  2. The leftists have been working overtime to label anyone associated with the Liberty/Patriot/III%/militia/prepper "groups" as extremists,with special emphasis on white,Christian males,and extra special emphasis on southern white Christian males-that way they get to use their favorite term-raaaaciiissst-just read the garbage Mark Potok and the SPLC spew regularly.
    Anyone who is associated with the above mentioned groups is being labeled as we speak-the left is trying to distract the tee vee addict segment of society by making us the new "enemy".
    They use nothing but lies,half-truths and obfuscation in their attempts to make us the enemy-more people are starting to see through the scams,and the left is losing some of it's power-some,but not nearly enough.
    The same things they use to label us as the "enemy" need to be used on the leftists-use their own tricks on them-turning the tables,and making them known as the real enemy of Rightful Liberty that they are.
    Use social media,comment on their websites-distract and confuse them-and they will start making mistakes.


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