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Monday, June 8, 2015

Baltimore Man Shot In The Face for Attempting to Run Away and Hide From Police

If you live in a jurisdiction where LEO does not respect the basics of Natural Law, the Oath they took to support and defend the Constitution, and you as a Human Being - I would suggest you leave.  

You can't defend yourself 24/7 from every possible injury they can impose.  You exist on their timeline, in their universe.  Every interaction - from a traffic stop, to an argument with your spouse, to refusing to look them in the eye - is an opportunity for you to get shot in the face.

And don't ever fucking run from such people unless it is a tactical withdrawal and you intend to defend yourself with great enthusiasms.  It only excites their lizard-brains when you run - resulting in the same face-shooting.

If you remain where you are considered nothing but meat, to be slaughtered wholesale or eaten one bite at a time, you need to leave, go to war, or STFU and never complain again.


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  1. Thanks for the reminder. There is a certain *enthusiasm* required, when you can smell your enemy's breath, and every minute shift in balance is the difference between another moment of life, and your moment of death.
    How few among the current generation have done that dance... yet they will make all the difference. Because those who cannot dance are but spectators and victims. And not all those who know the dance are on our side.

    As I have said before - those who know not the disciplines of war are a dangerous lot. Some will act out of desperation. Some for vengeance. And some just because they are plain evil. But regardless, they are dangerous to us, and we must guard ourselves against the enemy within our perimeter most of all. Because he is closest to us; he knows our behaviors, observes our weaknesses. It is he who can take us without a fight, in the comfort of our bed, in the still dark of our repose.
    Discipline your dangerous side, lest you be most dangerous to those you hold most dear...



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