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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Contemplate this...

A helix is a three-dimensional spiral which winds around an axis like ivy growing up a tree.  It may have a constant radius, that is, all the points on it are at the same distance from the axis, or not.

When pushed - turn.

When pulled - turn and enter.


  1. When pressed, turn off the line of attack; establish yourself with firmness, and then counter. Put your enemies work to use against him. Make his motion your power, and his effort your strength.

    Never lose patience. Timing is everything. Recognize his time. When he charges headlong into death; put the tool of it firmly in front of him, and give him room to receive it fully. If you have read him correctly, he cannot refuse such an offer, and will give you victory every time...

    He who knows, will hear what I say.

  2. ahhh, brother LT... gospel. Patience. Quiet your mind and spirit. Breathe easy, let the enemy walk into your sight picture and in between heart beats, tense the muscles in your hand. Absorb recoil, work the bolt, re-aquire the sight picture.... "I have been known by many names, tonight you will know me as death." Preach it, brother. stormfriend sends.

    1. Death on a Stick is such a marvel to behold, isn't it.


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