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Monday, June 22, 2015

Did you Train this weekend? Book training?

About 10 days remaining to register for the Idaho PatCon & Prepper Rendezvous - here.

Comms Workshop with Sparks31 in Riverton, WY July 18 - here.

MVT Training - here.

Remember - even Trainers recommend MVT for the best training - here.

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  1. i have just had 4 operations since early march. I was injured on the job in october of 2014, and workers comp has been jerking me around since. they denied my claim, so i got me a lawyer and paid for my treatment out of pocket. I am at the point now where i have been released to full duty but with a permanent partial disability. I also gained 60 pounds due to being injured and not being able to work or do anything.
    2 weeks ago the wife bought a fitbit to track my steps,(it was a start), yesterday i did 10,000 steps at work (5 miles) then 1.27 miles on the treadmill and 30 minutes working with weights. Today 10,000 steps and 1.47 miles on the tread mill (30 minutes) but would run at 3.5 for 5 minutes then walk at 2.6 for 5, then run.
    This shit is crazy hard and hurts but fuck it i aint quitting


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