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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

FBI Command Centers for July 4 - You'll notice where they aren't...

...None in Wyoming, Montana or Idaho.  None in eastern Washington or Oregon.


Do the math.

This is where Yamamoto's 'Every Blade of Grass' garden still grows...



  1. None in Kansas, S or N Dakota, Iowa, Ohio or Maine either by the looks of it. Besides I know you are biased to this American redoubt stuff but I think Yamamoto was thinking those blades of grass would be a bit thicker than one every 100 square miles or so.

    1. I was being mildly facetious. ;)

      The Redoubt is a great place for remaining safe. It is NOT a good spot for waging a fight against Enemies of Liberty - because the Enemies of Liberty won't be anywhere near here. They'll be tied-up in metro centers, production and ag centers and in port cities.

      So let's examine the map a bit more seriously - The Dakotas hold many oil-centric targets. Iowa and Kansas have viable targets. Ohio is chock-ful o' targets for the aspiring Liberty Murderer. In all seriousness, I do wonder why those entire states are left out of the matrix.

      With a ruthlessly objective eye - there simply isn't much to hit in the Redoubt that can't be found elsewhere, in greater numbers and with greater likelihood of success and escape (if escape is part of the plan).

    2. Actually I was wrong there is one in Ohio looks like in Cleveland actually but there isn't one in West Virginia or Vermont either.

      If I had to guess they are in the cities that have a medium to high Muslim presence which would explain Omaha Nebraska as well. Guess it isn't about targets as much as it about numbers of potential terrorist int he area :)

    3. Guess it isn't about targets as much as it about numbers of potential terrorist int he area :)

      Exactly. The muslims and 'urban youffs' who they are counting on to bring chaos to the streets. Because of course, those useful idiots will have to be dealt with, once they have played their part in the grand drama.

      I have said it before, and I repeat it now - there is no more racist bunch of filthy pigs than the wealthy white progressives who are running this demolotion show. Look at the names of the prominent ones over the last decade, and see what they all have in common - Soros, the Rockefellers, Ford, Sanger, the (JP) Morgan family, Hitler, etc. - all racists. Outright eugenicists, in fact. They want to rule, as "royal families" over a world of slaves who are "genetically managed" to be useful and docile, and who will *never* engage in a counter-revolution.


  2. Might not be any donut shops in those areas. Can't have a command center without donuts.

  3. http://wishtv.com/2015/06/29/holiday-weekend-terror-threat-targets-law-enforcement/


  4. Sorry but I am not buying into all this fear mongering especially since the article says they dont have any credible threat info to pass out. What I do feel is happening is that the Feds are testing their tactics, personnel and systems ahead of a bigger program to come this fall. We are having too many major developments coming at us at damn near the same time. Anyone else noticing this? They are planning something big I am sure. It may be killing the Internet, electric grid going down or an event that they have caused resulting in mass civil unrest. They are just itching to start gun control and this may be what is in the works. Get the guns you want with extra magazines and keep buying ammo because soon it may not be available.

  5. There are 2 field offices in Ohio: Cleveland and Cincinnati


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