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Monday, June 1, 2015

Guest Post: Emily Disraeli - Making the Grade in Today's World

Making the Grade in Today's World

I understand, life is a competition and to be successful you must participate, you must compete to the best of your ability. Intelligence, athleticism, age, gender every facet of our being can be used in our favor or against us. From an early age, girls compete for popularity, maturity both physically and mentally and yes even beauty. So many young women struggle under the pressure, the competition that might very well lead to success or crippling failure. Society expect this, nay, demands this and so women compete. 

Now, as a mature woman, one who has competed and came up lacking in beauty, athleticism and superior intellect, who, dare I say is just average, now I am presented with the newest enigma society has unleashed.

Bruce 'yes damn it ' Bruce Jenner has rolled out his feminine side for all the world to see and be amazed at. I will be the first to complement the medical or is it magical arts that transformed this man into what looks like a woman.

So what, and that is a big so what, has this to do with the world? Am I now expected to compete with little Brucie for the right to use the woman's rest room, the changing rooms at the mall? Will I have to rummage past the new s/he bra and pantie set to find my size? 

I have had enough, HE will never be a woman, HE never was a woman and I don't care what anyone says, HE will never know what it is to be a WOMAN.

Listen up world, I will not play your game, I will not compete with this abomination, I will not call HIM a she, her, Ms., Mrs. or any of that placating garbage. I will not participate in this mockery of all that is feminine. 

I have had enough.

- Emily Disraeli


  1. Amen. No more compromises.

    Its time to push back, folks. And the definition of "pushing back" is, "to push in the opposite direction as the offending force, with equal or greater energy, so as to resist the offense."

    So where is our "equal or greater energy", folks?!? Because the bolsheviks, muslims, fabians, and militant sodomites have been pushing *effin hard* for the last decade. So hard that you must *know* they can smell victory. If they can smell victory, then time is short. Period.

    So where is our push back? Because if we don't muster a legitimate resistance, then they win, by default. And I'm not talking pew, pew, pew.

    The day the shooting starts, we have lost the game, and we are fighting for survival, not victory. Stop and understand that, clearly. Survival is not victory. It is just a delay of defeat. The very best chance we have for victory exists today, right now, while there is still a little peace and civility to work with.

    So git your ass off the couch and go make victory happen. Because win or loose, its on YOU.

  2. First to Emily, well said superb commentary.

    To LT,
    Pew pew pew is not push back BANG BANG BANG is." The day the shooting starts, we have lost the game, and we are fighting for survival, not victory." WRONG, we are already in survival mode at the present. Not a day goes by we don't read about armed government thugs picking off innocent people one by one and not incurring any sanction for it. THAT is a survival situation. It's well past time to eliminate the flourishing evil that has now in this climate, run amuck. You give no clue as to what you think " legitimate resistance" is except to rag on the couch sitters. If you haven't written off couch sitters at this stage of the game, you need to rethink things. Here's a clue " a little peace and civility" doesn't exist today and I for one won't be addressing the enemy with a polite " Will you please stand still so I can get a good sight picture". We are going to war, put your game face on and work for victory. Your comment reeks of the"it's futile to resist" crowd. I haven't sat on my couch in 5 years and don't plan to. The day the shooting starts is the day we start the march to victory.

    1. HK-91, please take a breath. Yes these f*^ckers have to go. Yes, the shooting stage will come. And no, no one has a couch-sitting license until gunsmoke fills the air. Even you.

      There's a lot of prep to be done while the remaining tatters of a civilized society still make such things expedient.

      Success in war requires organization, training, communications plans and protocols to be in place, supplies to be laid up, and a multitude of other things.

      Just waiting with growing angst to let your guns blaze does not constitute a "plan". And if you didn't sense the deep sarcasm of "pew pew pew", then perhaps you should hang around with us older guys a bit more... we could teach you a lot, before we die for this cause.

  3. Those in the (the, not our) government, live in fear. "They" fear what they don't understand. Those who believe in liberty,  "they" don't understand.  Those who are veterans,  "they" don't understand.  Those who have morals, Christian beliefs, and a work ethic;  "they" don't understand. "They" call veterans, those who live in "flyover country", those who are not gay, or minority radicals, or atheists, or think as they do... terrorists. If you believe your rights come from God, you are a terrorist. If you believe in free speech, you are a terrorist. If you disagree with them in any way, you are a terrorist.
    Be honest.  Sadly. There is only one way this ends well.
    They have to die. Or you do.
    The same can be said for the muslims. They will not peacefully co-exist. Ever.
    So, they die, or you do. Math is really simple, reduced to the lowest common denominator. Them, or you.
    You, own guns. Think rightly. Desire to be left alone to live your life, raise your kids, make your way in the world and through life.
    "They", hate guns. Think of themselves.  Desire to subject you to their service, enable them to indoctrinate children,  bend the world to their will, and have you work while they enjoy life - because when they die, who cares what happens...
    Either "they" win, or we do. That's the bottom line. Either "they" die - every last one of them, or we do.
    There's going to be a fight. A loud, ugly, brutal, fight; and it will be to the finish - winner take all. I live not far from Vegas, and I know the odds, and I recognize a stacked deck when I see it. The house holds the cards... but the house doesn't always win. They bluff. They're bluffing now. Call. Raise. Make them show their hand. "They've" got nothing... a pair of deuces. Aces and eights - the dead man's hand. We've got to bet on our royal flush, and not be intimidated.
    Sooner or later... There's going to be a fight. 
    Let's win.
    stormfriend sends

  4. whatever brucie thinks he is at any point in time is irrelevant - the X & Y chromosomes determine what a human is. Period. like it, don't, accept it, don't, try to change it or don't - the determination is set in stone, so to speak... i agree with the author - i've really had it... been feed up for a good while now in fact... just hoping i can get settled all that needs be before my day is called - however that might play out...

    pray for the best while prepping for the worst

    PP III to III

  5. I would just like to ask Bruce one question before I put this whole unfortunate thing behind us. Bruce, don't you think you should return the Olympic medals?

  6. LT
    " Just waiting with growing angst to let your guns blaze does not constitute a "plan"."
    If you read angst in my comment it's a misread, I'm good to go and way past sick of "their" pushing their final agenda. I'm one of the many Old Guys that don't have the advantage of anything organized in their AO, so I'll attrit or patch and resupply any that need it to get back into the effort. That's just what my situation is and my "plan" is to do it to the best of my ability.
    " And if you didn't sense the deep sarcasm of "pew pew pew", then perhaps you should hang around with us older guys a bit more... we could teach you a lot, before we die for this cause." No I didn't sense that so I'll re read it and look for it. The reason I do hang here is to learn more, which I have and do. I still stand behind my original comment, and I can assure you none of it was made in "angst".

    1. Then move or get going on organizing something... It would be a shame for a Patriots life to be wasted when it all goes south because he/she was alone and was overran...We all have choices we just need the guts and willpower to make those choices reality...

    2. @lineman
      I appreciate the sentiment, you'd have to live in Wisconsin to completely understand the situation. I didn't arrive at the attrit/resupply decision without realistic lengthy thought. It will be what it will be to the overall effort once this party kicks in, only time will tell.

    3. I have lived all over that area there back in the late ninety's, there is no area that you can't leave from unless your in a resthome, divorced and the ex has your kids in that area but you said your an older man so I doubt that's the case, or so broke you can't buy the gas to move...I understand wanting to stick in an area that you know so won't bug ya about it just want you to know that there are always options...

  7. As a woman I understand and even agree with what the author of the post stated.

    What Jenner is, and has done, is hard for me to understand and quite frankly makes me uneasy. As I go about my everyday life Jenner's actions do not affect me or my Liberty. If he could go about his life and do what he wants or feels he needs to do without trying to make me out to be the bad guy because his values are not mine and in concert make our values as a society change, I could live and let live, so to speak. In the spirit of " If it does not pick my pocket or break my leg.."Jefferson kind of way. But, no pun intended, it isn't going to shake out that way.

    It's like gay marriage. I couldn't give a rat's behind who marries who, but I will NOT be forced to accept that it will redefine traditional marriage. Two people of the same sex married is NOT the same as two people of the opposite sex being married. It may be marriage, but there is no biological way there will ever be offspring produced from a same sex union, and frankly that IS the premise for what traditional marriage is all about.

    As far as his medals go, he earned them as a male, in a male athletic division, they are his to keep. However, I would not agree that he can now compete in a women's division in any athletic event and say that was right.

    Then there is also the practical I think about:

    1. The lines for the women's bathroom are long enough, thank you very much without adding confused males to it.
    2. I enjoy being a woman, but I recognize the fact that standing up in the powder room would be so much more convenient and who in their right mind changes that? So, what's up with that? No pun intended.

    1. Miss V.

      I agree 100% with you. I'm trying to reconcile my religious beliefs with my belief in rightful liberty on the trans/ gay marriage issues. Where does one belief start and the the other end? I don't know.

    2. ToneDeaf, would you allow me to use your post as a starting point to answer the question contained in it..??? I think there may be others with that same concern and I'd like a shot at it from my particular perspective

      PP IIIChaplain

    3. Yes, of course PP. If they simply lived their lives without bothering anyone, that would be ideal. But more and more it is so over the top and in your face, almost militant, that I'm losing all compassion for them. It's almost a desperate cry for attention. Very sad.

      Gay marriage is a states right issue I believe. There is nothing in the USC that gives the feds/scotus the right to rule on it. In Oregon there was a defense of marriage law passed overwhelmingly yet struck down by a liberal activist circuit court judge and will probably be affirmed this summer by scotus.

  8. Rightful Liberty has to be for everyone. The standard is this: does someone's actions steal from me or circumvent my freedom and liberty. If no, then they should be left alone and I mind my own business. (I happen to believe 99% of the world's problems wouldn't exist if everyone just minded their own business!)

    If someones actions do meet the standard criteria, then I have to protect myself from their actions. How I do that depends on the circumstances and the time. There is a time for everything, if you know what I mean.

    It is harder to judge social actions/issues sometimes. I couldn't care less who has sex with who as long as they are CONSENTING ADULTS. Not because I think it is morally right or wrong, but because it is NONE of my business. But, when gay/les groups decide they are going to try and socially shame me or force me into agreeing that they are morally right, or even use the law, to do what they do, then they are going to have a fight on their hands because they are stepping on my freedom to believe in what I believe in.

    Commies. Muslims. Whatever. I could care less if they want to be someone's useful idiot. That doesn't mean I ignore commie bastards or Muslims and have a live and let live attitude with them because they are NOT going to reciprocate the gesture.

    I do try to treat people like I would like to be treated. It's the right thing to do. But there are people out there who mean to control and harm me and mine. Believe me, I'm paying attention and I will remember who is doing what.

    1. "when gay/les groups decide they are going to try and socially shame me"

      Great comment, but notice they can't do that. Nobody can. That's why you wrote "try;" nothing gets by you!

      It's a big part of the scam---they pretend they are, and some suckers buy into it. Gee, I wonder if that could happen on the freefor side.


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