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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Guest Post: Machiavellian, I think not.

“Youth is wasted on the young” 
George Bernard Shaw 

A question, what does this world look like to a young person 18 to 30 years old?
I really can't say, I'm past my youth and I don't associate with young people. I see how our popular culture represents them and quite frankly I'm disheartened. What do they value, do they have the same hopes and dreams as my generation? What do they stand for, do they have any lines in the sand that shall not be crossed? 
This generation of young people is one, perhaps two generations away from being members of the Borg. They live so close to the shadow of technology it has become difficult to distinguish a human form. 
This new symbiosis the young have with technology has even transformed warfare. Militarists around the world have had to change the paradigm in order to optimize the young warrior's tech savvy. 
Hand a recruit a M1 Garand and the first question will be, how do I plug it in to recharge? Forgive me, this is not about deriding young people, I'm just pointing out the orientation of their world view.
My generation faces a very sad idea “will we live long enough to die in battle?” We're getting old, my days of battlefield maneuvers are over.
Technology, I helped bring in the technological age but I'll be damned if I can set a DVR to record. Give me that Garand and I can field strip it blindfolded, no lie, reload my own ammo and put an edge on a knife you can shave with. Run the length of a football field, no thank you.
Who will fight our war, be the strong fearless warriors cast in the molds of honor and bravery? Those proficient with sidearm, garrote and hands. 
I look about this landscape of potential warriors and see young men and women who possess outstanding physical abilities. But looks can deceive. Have they a warrior's heart, intelligence and sacrifice? Have they got the right stuff? The future of our country will depend on our youth.
The battle we face will be fought over a young person's mind and heart. Our fight is to draw them away from this pop culture, socialist, I deserve it mentality. Good Lord what a mountain to climb. 
When the economic annihilation begins, most of our young people will be lost about what to do, how to survive. At this point, they can either turn to government or we can usher them towards freedom. We must be prepared, our minds set on saving these potential warriors. Understand, this will have to be done by us individually, each of us sponsoring, mentoring and training as many young warriors as we can. 
Food, housing, security will be the offer to attract them, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness the promise to convince them to fight. 
Be prepared. 

_ Emily Disraeli


  1. I like that, give them a Garand and they'll ask where to plug it in.

  2. There are a few young people who get it,from what I've seen it's not many.
    We raised 6 daughters,who now range from just recently turned 21 to will be 29 is a few days,so I've seen quite a few examples of the younger generation's boys and men. Most can't change a car tire,have no clue at all about working on their own cars-they think you just take it to a shop,and get it back in a few days and it magically works again.
    They have no concept of money,no work ethic,and think they will end up millionaires without having to work for the $$$.
    Guys I've had as helpers/laborers are clueless-most can't even read a tape measure,and would cut their fingers off if I handed them a circular saw.
    Every blue moon,I find a kid who wants to learn,picks stuff up fast,and shows up for work on time-about the time they have learned enough that I can leave them by themselves while I go start the next job,or send them to start the next job-they graduate from college.
    They are the kids who picked a major in a field that they can actually get a job in, usually one of the engineering fields.
    A lot of the guys who were in the military,and went to Iraq and/or Afghanistan have their shit together.
    I'd say maybe 25% of the younger generation (s) will be ready to fight when the time comes,and will need little training-as they already have it,or have siblings who went to Iraq and/or Afghanistan,who are wide awake to the BS going on.
    Yeah-food and shelter in a safe location will win many more over to the side of the fight for Rightful Liberty.
    As many of us who have the chance to need to be working on winning hearts and minds of the young people.


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