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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Guest Post: What next, Brutus?

“From all our world, our younger generation will be tempered in the forge of war, struggle and derision. Their new country will stand on a foundation of our blood and the written words of their constitution will be by quill, dipped in their blood.”

A favorite pastime for me recently has been to study history. I am by no means a student of history but I do realize the truth of the old axiom "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." So the closest I come to possessing a crystal ball is by learning history.

Our founding fathers, some would consider them brilliant men, joined together to create three imperfect but amazing documents, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. But the war for independence was already being waged by the time they started crafting these documents. They went into battle with a firm idea of what they fought for, 'Freedom,' but no original foundation on which to build. 

Feeling the heartbeat of today's Patriot movement, I am starting to see a meme arise in some discussions. Those Patriots that question what they are fighting for? They proclaim that the old constitution is so flawed as to be of no value today. They worry that we have no 'new' founding fathers, to whom will fall the duty of creating a new constitution. So if they can't rely on restoring the old constitution and creating a new constitution is beyond our capabilities, then what are they fighting for?

First thought is that they are defeatist, and we all know going into battle with that attitude will kill many. So I say lets start the discussion now, what is it we wish to leave the next generation?

Next generation? Yes, looking around me I realize a majority of us Patriots may not survive this war, so the fruit of this fight becomes, what we leave to our children. 

Personally, I believe with whole heart that our 'old' Constitution should remain our law of the land. I say it did not fail us, we failed it. That 18th century document was created for individuals who strove for a moral life. The majority believed in God and self reliance, they understood what was just and the need to help their fellow man. We're they perfect, of course not, but that is what makes the Constitution so amazing. 

I think the Constitution over time has suffered corruption, corruption that mirrors our society's devolution. The structure of the house maybe rotting but the foundation is whole and sound.

This is not about what I believe, but about having a conversation. About having a clear goal for which to strive and possessing the confidence of our convictions. 

What do you say?

What do you fight for?

- Emily Disraeli


  1. A very worthwhile post!! President John Adams said in an address to a Massachusetts militia that "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people." As is often said of Christianity, it is not that it has been tried and found wanting, Christianity has been found hard and never tried. I think a lot of that applies to the DoI, USC, and BoR too. Instead of following the directions, even from the start there were people trying to change it or distort what it said to try to get it to mean something else. The moment in time that I realized the Republic was cooked was when William Jefferson Clinton (cursed be his name forever) was not convicted at his impeachment was because "the Economy was doing good, so why mess it up." Both Dems and Repubs parroted this line, and condoned the immoral and illegal conduct of the president. To make the U.S. Constitution work needs a moral people. (Being religious does not equal being moral.) Thank you, Miss Disraeli, for a wonderful post.

  2. I agree we are fighting for the Constitution and BOR,and it's true that the documents didn't fail-we failed the documents.
    We let the leftists infiltrate everything,we let them "educate" our children in schools that have been nothing more than leftist indoctrination centers for decades,our colleges and universities are full of "professors" like Bill Ayers,Bernadine Dohrn,who have been indoctrinating young minds for decades.
    We let this bullshit go on,we let the leftists/socialists/communists take over the schools-and they have produced graduating class after graduating class of clueless dolts who believe they are victims of something or another,and society and/or the government owes them all kinds of shit-like free housing,free medical care,free food-(food stamps)-and that their student loans need to be forgiven-even though they're the ones who got degrees in worthless fields-made up by the social justice warriors who were their "professors".
    "our" elected representatives are mostly leftist tools as well.
    I don't see how this an be fixed by voting our way out of it,and those of us willing to fight are getting up there in years-most are north of 40,many are north of 50.

    I haven't heard anyone come up with anything better than the DOI,Constitution and BOR.
    Those who claim they're not worth fighting for have no alternatives.

  3. I agree the Constitution is still the best way. I am a believer in GOD and have tried to live a moral life. I think 1 mistake is to push Religion on Patriots sitting on the fence. Talk morality, Justice, Loyalty and Honesty instead. Just my opinion

    1. I absolutely agree with you. Honor above all, which is based on Honesty, and Justice for all, EQUALLY for all. As I noted above, Morality doesn't mean religious.

  4. "I agree we are fighting for the Constitution and BOR,and it's true that the documents didn't fail-we failed the documents."

    Sure that's true...what else is there to fail? This takes no discussion since the choice is so plain. No matter the sense of the constitution, no matter the morality of the citizenry, no matter what case can be made for or against any of it, it comes down to one simple question. The person who doesn't consent--for whatever reason, sensible or not--are YOU willing to force that person to go along? Or try to force him, anyway.

    It's quite that simple and the answer to THAT question is the only one that matters. Are you or aren't you? Like anything else, it's a choice. Rightful Liberty and the NAP (ZAP)...those things MEAN making the choice NOT to force that person. Anything else, whatever its logic and whatever its motivation, is choosing TO force that person. Surely every single reader here knows that having agents do it, doesn't make a whit of difference. Plus not too many here would prefer having agents do it anyway!

    See...if "reasons" for being a thug start to matter, then you gotta listen to everyone else's "reasons" too. Any takers on that? The good news in the end is that it's beneficial not to be a thug in the first place. That's WHY it's the right choice, but not too many will even consider the possibility of that being good. This, even as they live knowing that it is, almost every minute of their lives. No wonder there's so much cognitive dissonance.

    That too doesn't matter. Good OR bad, a person--EVERY person--either chooses to be a thug or doesn't. Thing is...if you choose not to be one, then you damn sure better be able to stop anyone who does.

    It never was anything except that simple choice. Nor will it ever be.

  5. this same question has rattled around inside my mind and heart recently... the fight - my fight - is more than simple rebellion against an ever-increasing tyranny... that tyranny is driven by a root of evil... as a Christian, I have a duty to fulfill the mandate certain Scriptures and one of those is found in Ephesians 6: 11-18: "...having done all to stand.."(v13)... we - Americans - have been handed down a unique and very special opportunity: self-governance... as long as the true, good, virtuous, honest(pick your own adjective), we have a fighting chance of continuance... absent those qualities of character in the people who would become leaders and we get what we have now... my 13 grandchildren deserve better from me than to be left with a boot in their young necks... so my fight is driven from a spiritual basis.... 15fixer is correct in quoting Adams - we desperately need men and women of sound moral principle in office and safeguards erected so not to allow the seeds of avarice and greed to be sown through longevity in office... i've heard it said that those who promote themselves for public office should be automatically disqualified...

  6. What am I fighting for? To preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. Over the years I have come to understand that domestic enemies are a more clear and present danger that I ever dreamed possible and that the oath should include the preservation, protection and defending of the founding culture.

    That said, assuming all that preserving, protecting and defending falls my way, I'm not about to just "start over". The men who gave us the documents knew they were imperfect. They knew and understood that some "fine tuning" would be necessary from time to time. And they gave us the means to do just that. However, history now bears out that bad people have taken advantage of those imperfections and turned them to our demise. My feeling is that instead of a tune-up now, a major overhaul is necessary.

    While I do in fact have ideas on how to accomplish that. We as a people just aren't there yet. I now question whether we will in fact get there in what's left of my lifetime. As a result, my efforts are focused mainly on helping people of like mind to form up in groups around the state. Then volunteer to train, indoctrinate, teach in whatever capacity I'm asked of. Further, to set up a state organization to which those organizations can repair to when their numbers aren't quite capable for a particular case at hand. Not re-inventing the wheel or anything you understand. Just trying to function as my ancestors and founding culture established.

    That's the best I can do at the moment. I fear I may be too old or dead when and if the gig goes down. The fight as I view it at the moment is to insure that a legacy is established to allow future folks a leg up should they decide or need to act.

    1. That was nice, very sensible. Maybe you'll live a bit longer than you think, or maybe things will go faster than you expect. Absolutely NOBODY knows the future. That's why principles matter so much...gotta go with what you know, not what you don't.

      Yeah, an oath can be like a choke-chain to an honorable man; I know that only too well myself. That's why it's important not to take it as an out-of-context absolute. It's what it MEANS that counts. We're not flashstick storage; we're free-willed beings.

      There is no starting over; it's not even an option. Humans have only one gear, and that's forward. Okay, so some have the throttle linkage a little tighter than others; there's still only one direction.

  7. Pity this didn't go farther than it did.

    1. That's it! Pragmatism SMASHED!

      I vote for...you choose yours.

  8. Emily, I sincerely hope you will be attendance at the Patcon next month...


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