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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Guest Post What's Next, Brutus? - Part Deux

This is in part a follow up to my previous article 'What next, Brutus?'. A commenter questioned it's brevity and wished I had provided more. I thank him for his interest and encouragement. 

In the article, I had asked for the readers thoughts and hoped to start a discussion. Now I will add my thoughts.

We don't need to craft a new Declaration of Independence.We don't need to seat a Court to ascertain if our government has gone rogue. Our founding father gave us Explicit instruction should the government of the United State of America become tyrannical. 

To paraphrase two great Americans, Cheech & Chong. If it looks, smells and taste like dog sh..tyranny then it is tyranny.

So being each of us members of a duly regulated militia, the only questions that remains is when and where?

We might as well get this war started. I suggest July 4th in Washington D.C., say ninish. 

I am very serious. There are a few problems that stand in our way though. It is not our motives, dedication or devotion to our country. It is not even the logistics of fielding an army. To put it in simple terms, if we attack Washington this will cause the money to stop flowing, EBT cards stop working and we will have just caused the unintended deaths of millions of Americans. 

Our tyrannical government knows it holds the lives of many Americans as hostage against our actions and this inability of ours to kill the innocent prevents our attack. So we are left with an impotent rage.

Never overestimate the government, they think that have us by the collar and under their control. They will continue with their agenda and present us with an opportunity to attack. 

We know the government will use false flags, natural disasters even economic collapse to start their war on us. It may just be a semantics of blame but in the case of the government attacking us, the millions of lives lost, will rest on their necks.    

We just need to learn patience and not let the feeling of ineffectiveness dampen our spirit. A hard part of any war is the wait.

So remain prepared, be vigilant, they will present us the opportunity we need and then, “let slip the dogs of war”.

- Emily Disraeli


  1. we lost the constitution when elected officials figured out they could vote themselves benefits and raises and spend a career doing just that.
    New constitution, no. Tweaked with some additions, yep.

    When? Not sure...but there is coming a time when there will be a "Boston Massacre" type of incident and that will be the catalyst for conflict.


    1. Agreed - History WILL be repeating itself all over the place.

      Lucky for us, many people here know their history. We know what is coming, why, and what must be done. And most importantly - most people who come to this blog mean what they say and say what they mean... ;)

    2. "Boston Massacre", I think we just had that for the second time in Waco!
      Ask "K" how hard it is to get 5 patriots in the same room. let alone 800,000. which the bikers rolled threw D.C. inside of two months.
      Maybe we should talk to them. Or at least start tribeing up like them.
      The only thing their missing is the FWO-FWA program. (f--k with one,F--k with all)......MTHead

    3. History teaches us what mankind is *capable of*, not what men will do... but the cruel obscenity which some men are capable of can be more than offset by the profound bravery of others in unseating them...when things get ugly enough. History shows us both sides of that coin.

      Or, as it has been said, "Necessity is a mother..."

  2. Great article. The issue at hand with our long suffering "patience" is at what point do we end up as the proverbial wild hogs in the kennel? There is merit to what you say K and your ideals of vigilant patience is admirable, however, I fear there is a day coming very very soon where our undying patience will be rewarded with chains and shackles and no way to fight back.

    Anyone can speculate on the when and where of "Go" time, but what I do know is that the first engagement must be swift and decisive, anything less is defeat. Just my .25 Cents (adjusted for inflation of course!)


    1. Seriously, in patience, posess ye your souls. Something stupid will happen soon enough!
      Job thought everything was out of control, But God knew more about Job than Job did. We must work hard. Watch. and be ready.
      We can sleep well knowing what happens will be memorable. To thoughs that survive.

  3. One possible benefit for our side is the number of people finally waking up from their stupor and realizing that they need to have preps,need to learn how to defend themselves and their families/tribes, because .gov inc. does not have their best interests in mind.
    I see the biggest problem as a lack of networking-too many are so fuckin paranoid that they are not willing to trust anyone they haven't known their entire lives.
    We have to get people hooked up with others near them,and we have to start meeting others in meatspace,so we can form tribe, form groups that specialize in various areas,etc.
    Lack of training and lack of PT are also huge issues.
    Those of us who do physical labor have a slight advantage in that department,but those with sedentary office type jobs are really gonna be fucked.
    You have to do PT-preferably every day,just take an occasional day off to heal.
    When .gov inc. starts making serious moves-way too many of us are done for.
    We have to start networking,any III member should be have a plae to go in times of trouble in every region.
    That can never happen if we do not talk to each other.
    No one,and I do mean no one is going to make it on their own.
    Now's the time to build tribe.
    Go to the maker sites,start learning how to make all kinds of shit for yourself,write it down,because .gov inc. will shut down the intardnet.
    Learn a trade if you can,at least learn basic shit like welding,car repairs,how to make a windmill out of a car alternator to give you some power,learn how to do home repairs-there won't be any more calling someone else to do the shit for you.
    Try to improve your skillset,the more you can do with no outside help the better.
    Try to find guys that are "experts" in their fields,EMT's,DR's,nurses,mechanics,welders,farmers,gardeners,carpenters,electricians,plumbers,engineers,etc.
    The more people like that in your tribe-the better off you will be.
    So,lets start talking about this shit...

  4. Gamegetter is correct - no one's going to make it alone. Networking to build tribe and share skills is one of the three essentials EVERYONE MUST DO. PT and Combatives are the other two.

    Here's a novel approach - sit down with paper and pencil and *in prayer* ask God to help you meet the people you need to. Then write down the ideas which come to mind about how to find/meet them. Then FOLLOW THROUGH on those ideas.

    Do your daily PT. No exceptions. No excuses. You *can* fit it in. Every day. If nothing else, do 5 flights of stairs in the morning, and again in the evening, as you arrive at work and before you leave for the day. Walk a mile or two at lunch time. Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier and do your situps every morning before you hit the shower.
    The first life you save will be your own. The only question is, how many other people can you also save? More PT means you'll live longer, meaning more chances to save/help others.

    More PT, first sergeant, more PT!!
    We like it, we love it, we want more of it...


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