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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Huntsville Alabama III Patriots: Call Out!

July 29th.

Madison County Circuit Court.

Hearing for United States Marine Corps Veteran who is being unconscionably harassed by Huntsville .Gov for daring to live in a home within the city limits of which they do not approve.

This is a request for III Patriots who consider Huntsville to be in their AO: We would like Patriots to muster in that courtroom and show support for Tyler Truitt as he stands before those who mean to be his Masters.  

IFF yourselves as III Patriots.  Wear a shirt/patch/cap that IDs you.

Support Truitt and his Significant Other by simply being present.  Send a message to those who mean to be Masters in your AO that this is an Intolerable Act.

This is a simple, clear-cut issue: Property Rights.  Either you own your property, or you do not.  Either you own you, or you do not.

Let them know you are calling their hand.

The next move is on them...

Leave a comment here, or drop me an email if you can/will attend this hearing. K_AT_IIIPercent.com

The lines are clear on this one.  The goal is simple, and attainable.

If you live within a tank of gas, this is what we do...


  1. I'm gonna work on making the trip. And I'm gonna do my best to bring as many militia brothers from Florida as I can.

    Who else?

    How about you lineman? Klein, how about you? Peter, G, this cause is righteous. You guys are close. We should get behind this.

    Do want to live forever? ;-)

    1. Can we set up a GoFund me account for Alan and whoever does make the trip to cover gas and food? If every one kicks in a few bucks maybe more people will make it there? Alan's willing to do the hard work, so if we help defray the costs, those of us that are too far to travel there can support the ones that do make the trip. What do you think? Like Alan said this is a righteous cause. Just a thought......

    2. GoFundMe - outstanding idea, ToneDeaf. I agree, this has every appearance of being a very defensible cause, and we should 'put our mark on it' in a big way...

      Those who can't do the 'burn gas and kick a$$' part, please contribute to support those of us who intend to...

    3. > Klein, how about you?

      There's email and telephone for that. I already answered that question some time ago, on this very blog. I don't bullshit, Alan.

      This case is not as clear cut as you're making it sound. Marvin Louis Guy, to name one of many, is. Easily, and they're trying to kill him. As it is, he's either a POW or a hostage. Guy's been languishing a long time now.

      Here's the principle in Huntsville. If no person stands forth to make the case that this chap in obstructing their rights, and that means physical obstruction--not their fear of some possible future obstruction--then it's a straightforward property rights issue and the family deserves defending. If someone does, then they deserve defending.

      K requested that I not write stuff that goes down the "rabbit hole" of philosophy, at least when the philosophy opposes intended action that's already been decided. I don't write under those sort of rules--whether reasonable or not--so please use the email for further personal communication.

    4. GoFundMe is a great idea. Whoever decides to do it - check and see if they will simply delete it once they learn the guy is facing 'charges'. If so, use another service.

  2. MVB better step up on this one. If he can take his ass to Washington and Oregon, he should be able to help one of his own.

    God damn him if he doesn't.

    1. MVB will do no such thing unless it benefits MVB. Same goes for the hungry chimp book guy.

  3. We are currently short a vehicle-so I can not take any of the family cars/trucks/vans,but...
    Anyone who's going to go that is passing through NE Ohio-I'll ride with you and kick in gas $$$.

  4. Any info on cops, prosecutors, judge will be helpful.

  5. Several pieces of information:

    As of 15JUN, "Kelly Schrimsher, communications director for Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, explained there is currently no lawsuit or eviction notice pending against Tyler Truitt, who lives inside the city limits but is not connected to city services. Truitt sustains himself off of the two acres of land he owns, generates his own power from solar panels and gathers his own water."

    As of 17JUN, various local media all report that City of Huntsville has filed case naming Truitt.

    A search of 23rd Judicial Court reveals nothing with resect to Truitt. It could be that I failed in my search or it could be the case is filed in a municipal court. (Several municipalities in Madison County have their own courts.) Or it could be there is no court case.

    With respect to the latter, the question then is how was Truitt found guilty on 20MAY and has an upcoming hearing on 29JUL?

    I called the clerk for the 23rd Judicial Court (256-532-3390) (they are all a bunch of very helpful sweethearts there!) and even without a docket number they searched their files, including court calendar for all their judges. Nothing popped up for Tyler Truitt.

    Because the city has it's own court it could very well be any case WRT Truitt is still with the city. However, my understanding is appeals are handled at the 23rd Judicial and the 29JUL hearing is an appeal of the previous court decision.

    A call to the city is in order. Stand by.

  6. RE: calling the city.

    I hate phone trees. I got stuck in the circle jerk. One may have better luck than me. Call the Huntsville muni court at 256-427-7800.

    EDIT: a 2nd and 3rd call trying different options yielded same.

  7. Please clarify the date. Is it June 29, or July 29. Both dates are listed.

    1. My bad.

      29 July.


      Fixed at WRSA too.


  8. Anyone considering going: I would hope we'll have sufficient numbers of local III Patriots who can attend without reaching out regionally or nationally. If you want to go and it will cost you time/money - just beware: If local Authoritah decides it'll be bad press, it is simple for them to re-schedule the hearing at the last moment. They do like to play such games.

  9. downeast hillbillyJune 18, 2015 at 5:52 PM

    Barring any last-minute pump-fakes by TPTB, I'll be there. I'm in Wilson County and will be travelling west. Any riders? I'll have my wife's mini-van.

  10. July 29. 8:30am. Court room A.
    Huntsville Municipal. 218 Wheeler Ave NW. 35801

    I am Tyler's girlfriend. Thank you all for your support! Looking forward to seeing you there.
    Alabama ][ ][ ][ % Zone 1

  11. July 29. 8:30am. Court room A.
    Huntsville municipal.
    218 wheeler ave. NW

  12. Hi Tyler's girlfriend. :)

    Zip us an email when you get a chance, we want to coordinate the event: K_AT_Kerodin.com


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