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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

III Patriots: I'm Alone & Fook'ed - Battle Buddies Poll - BUMP

I promised I'd try and help solution the issues revealed in the Battle Buddies poll.

49% of you are, essentially, alone in your AO.  At least, that's what you think.  (You may not be wrong!)

Another 20% of you only have 1 person you trust to meet you on the X.

Another 21% can only muster 3-5 people.

Do that arithmetic and you see a fundamental problem facing the community.  A solid 80% of serious III Patriots are under-staffed for the Evil that this way comes.  All bravado aside - all the training and morale in the world will not overcome simple numbers in a serious scrum.  And when you factor that the number of people who actually answered the poll is a minor percentage of the daily audience of this blog (fewer than 4%), and extrapolate those numbers out to the broader Patriot community and even larger Liberty Movement - we've got an existential problem at the most fundamental level of our "Resist" mandate.  

If we can't find a way to form into effective teams against Team Commie, we lose.  

Losing to Commies is, historically, a bad thing.

What can we do?  There is much we can do to make the most of what we have.

But the simple reality is that these particular conversations are best engaged at least one step removed from the Clear broadcasts of a public blog discussion.  We don't need to go Secret-Squirrel, but we don't need to make it easy for our enemies our the *ahemcoughfuckthem* 'Patriots' who invest as much time trying to undermine real progress for Liberty as they do being constructive.

Here's how I'd like to proceed: 

1) If you have not yet signed-up for a IIIPercent.com email, please do - here's the link.
2) Send an email to me using this link.  I will use the emails that arrive to build a list of Patriots who want to be part of an email Working Group on how to best move forward and make real-world progress and connections.
3) I'll accept emails through the week, and we'll begin discussions Monday June 8.
4) We'll go where the discussions take us.  I know for a fact we have serious, smart and motivated Patriots who can make a difference, especially if we put our minds together.
5) What this Working Group will NOT be: A C&C discussion on running ops against Enemies of Liberty.  This is to address the fundamental problems we are having as we try to make connections with real Patriots in our AOs, and how best to remedy that problem, and how best to move forward to build on our gains.

Once again - here's the IIIPercent.com email sign-up link.  You do NOT have to have a IIIPercent email addy to participate.  But part of our problem is separating wheat from chaff and basic morale & cohesion.  So consider starting with an easy first step.  Don't worry about the 'donation' request on the page.  Donations are helpful to do the work we do, but results are the important outcome at the moment.

Email me here to be added to the Battle Buddies Working Group.

We've got this.



  1. Great idea, the link did not work for me to be able to mail you but here is my mail address. quietone@iiipercent.com. Thanks

    1. Added to the list. Also sending a mail check to your III addy.

  2. BonnieGadsden@iiimail.com Just making sure the widget worked

  3. K, if you get contacted by anybody in Florida looking to hook up with a group, send them my way. We now have a militia structure in place for the entire state up and running. After a little vetting, recruits can be directed to one of the units.

    1. Do you have contacts throughout Florida - or should I limit referrals to mid-State & southward?

    2. Whole state brother. Whole state. We been busy. Recruiting is going very well. Good solid Americans all.

  4. Heya, link doesn't like me. Richmond, Va.area.


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