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Friday, June 26, 2015

III Percent Friday Report

Huntsville Operation: The III Percent Society is headed to Huntsville, Alabama to stand with Tyler Truitt as he faces bureaucratic and black-robed Tyrants over the most fundamental Right of all - Property Rights.

Property Rights are the essential sine qua non on Liberty.  If you do not own your property, others may tell you how you may use it.  If you do not own your own body, others may tell you how you may - or may not - use it.

Either you own you - or you are a slave.

Here's the link.  You can join the III Society - here.

PatCon: Idaho PatCon & Prepper Rendezvous: Registration closes soon.  If you plan to attend in July, let the event coordinators know - here.

III Gear:  IFF Patches & Gear available.  Remember, all IIIGear sales support III Projects.

IIIPercent.com Email: Have you signed up for your personal IIIPercent.com email yet? Here's the link.

Stay safe, Patriots.

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