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Saturday, June 13, 2015

It is Saturday - Are You Training?

1 - Training should be a daily event, in some manner.

2 - Most people have some free time on the weekends, so most trainers tend to offer training on weekends - see how that works?

3 - Every decent trainer I know in this community charges less-than market value for what they offer.

4 - You know you do not have sufficient training.  You could use more.  I could use more.

Sparks31 has a workshop in about 5 weeks.

Max is offering new courses for all skill-levels.

You have local dojos for Combatives - Krav, Ju-Jutsu, Aiki, in that order, for most people. Or, come to my Studio for a blend of the best.  We have an app for that...

Dry-fire your sidearms.  Work on off-hand techniques for getting a blade into action.  Listen to your local scanner.  Cut the grass and do 25 push-ups every lap around the yard.

Failing to be in shape and trained when the balloon goes up is on you...

Sat Cong

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  1. Yup, here's a 10-second video glimpse into my training this weekend (6 shots and 1 reload in 4.9 seconds).


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