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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Let the Bodies hit the floor...

As my banner image at the top of the blog indicates, I won't be posting much more today - maybe a quick-hit if something pops-off.  Gotta do a thing...

This post?  Yeah - sphincters are tightening among the more narcissistic and unproductive elements of the "community" right about now.  Actions have consequences.  Liars piss me the fuck off.  

I've tolerated the back-channel shit too long - against my own instincts.

Now I'll respond as I see fit.  Anyone who has a problem with the Truth should probably not return here...


Heh - This tickled me from Kent:


  1. Free Citizen here. If we can help, let us know.

  2. Thanks - no problems on any existential level - at least not for me.

    Every now and again I am persuaded to "Take the high road" when it comes to shenanigans and knee-capping in this community. And every single time, it bites me in the arse. I know better, but I do it anyway.

    I've kept my mouth shut on several topics for more than a year now, while others have continued to lie and spread poison behind the scenes.

    It is simply time to call them on their bullshit.


  3. Most potent weapon in the arsenal, at least right now...transparency. It's a double-edged sword of course, but that's why it pays to be ever honest. Well, among other reasons but I don't know how ego-adoration would play around here. There's a lot of misunderstanding on the topic.

    In any event, every word and pic on the Internet is forever and there's no changing that. I'm pretty sure a whole lot of thugs and collectivists are going to come to regret it, if they don't already.

  4. A friend helps you move, A best friend helps you bury the bodies. :)
    I think I read this somewhere.

  5. Well, it isn't just back channels. A prominent patriot blog seems to have turned into a woman bashing blog.
    I think that there are a number of women who read patriot blogs but are silent because it is a male centric medium. I also believe the women who are with the patriot community are very serious about their beliefs and when a major blog player promotes bashing women, the community will be the loser in the long run, and frankly, it is a waste of resources.

    1. We watched a gal last night who could have taught every male who stepped into the cage one of the most important lessons possible about how to fight. (She could have taught them several lessons, including focus, determination, accepting a beating to win in the end, and more...)

      When her left hand was trapped, she used her right to do damage to her opponent. When her right hand was trapped, she used her knees. When her knees were not in a position to be used, she used elbows.

      She used her brain to fight - everything else was details.

      She won. Decisively. She came with a goal, and did whatever she had to do to achieve that goal.

      Physical fighting is imminent for anyone who seeks Liberty as a goal in America. But physical fighting will be the exception in the polygonal battlespace. The real fights will be of the mind - finding effective ways to engage, inhibit, humiliate, defeat Enemies of Liberty without violence, or at least using a burst of violence to seal the deal at the end.

      Fights are won or lost long before the first violence begins.

      Far too many men fail to understand this simple reality.

      Most women are hard-wired to understand it from birth.

      These are not my rules - Mother Nature is the architect. I simply recognize the reality.

      Many men will die of The Stupid because they think with their, uhm, well, not their brains. ;)

  6. "Fights are won or lost long before the violence begins"....ahhh, brother K, you are (perhaps unknowingly, but I bet not...) 'channeling' Sun Tzu.... "soldiers train for battle, warriors train for victory". So much of this is in the heart and mind; I read and correspond because you get that when so many don't. Stay safe brother, see you - and a select few - in Idaho.
    and hey - brother Line---, call when you're off tower. You know where I'll be, I'll find somewhere quiet (yeah, right)... stormfriend sends


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