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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Meat sale sparks near riot in Tesco

A sale on meat in the UK caused a modest scrum.


Not there is no meat today - just a reduction in price.

Anyone want to tell me how it doesn't matter, because it can't happen here?

Happening there can, and likely will, be a major trigger for it to happen here.  Had we kept out of entangling alliances we'd have a buffer.  But, we didn't.

And just in case anyone still clings to illusions that they are free here in America - nope.  

Take 2A out of the equation, and look at the other Rights articulated in the BoR.  America is, at best, a decade or so behind England and the EU in every category.

This is what circling the drain looks like, folks.  It is a global event.

It won't be any different at Wal-Mart...

Here's the link.  


  1. A decade or so behind England and the E.U.?
    Nah,more like 12-18 months-when ,not if,when Greece does the "Grexit" the dominoes are gonna start falling one after the other...
    Our grocery stores no longer have stockrooms/storerooms-everything is shipped "just in time" so the store owners don't have to carry any inventory-can't invest in the company-don't want any $$$ tied up-product comes in,is sold,profit is extracted-new product comes in is sold...
    Look how people act the day after Thanksgiving.
    How do you think people will act when the stores start having shortages of food?
    What happens when EBT cards stop working?

    1. "What happens when EBT cards stop working?"

      That question has already been answered, repeatedly. UNFORTUNATELY, a certain segment of the population will loot, riot, and generally hurt their already challenging position in society by misbehaving. In the process, they will give credence to the trolls and idiots who can't see past certain prejudicial inclinations, and that will make things harder for ALL of us.

      I've written of this scenario, several years ago -
      It has been 6 days since the ATM machines went down, 4 days since the last grocery store and gas station in town closed, and now you are preparing to fight your first battle against a mob of hungry, violent looters...


  2. If I recall, it was not that long ago in the southern U.S. - Louisiana, I think - that due to communication issues or something, E T cards did not work for a few HOURS....the manager at the local Wal Mart couldn't stop the horde walking out of the grocery department with full shopping carts of unpaid for commodities. The local police did not try to halt them, either; worried that there would be a riot. (probably because there would have been...)
    It's already begun. And the news today is filled with the "racially motivated killing at a church". And Obama says there needs to be a solution, and wonders if this deranged young man was influenced by "hate groups"... it continues... we likely will be very different as a nation, before we make one more trip around the sun. May God have mercy.... stormfriend sends


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