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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

PatCon: 21 Days Out

PatCon is now just 21 days out.  If you need to tie-up loose ends with the Planning Team, get it done.  Website is here.

As mentioned, I am not running a CQB course this rotation.  But if anyone attending is interested in a 3-4 hour Combatives workshop, let the Planning Team know by zipping them an email.  It'll be free.  If there is sufficient interest, we'll set aside a block of time.  Not in the best shape?  No worries, I'll build the curriculum for everyone - ages 9-ish and up. Email the Team here.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone.  I know many of you from past events.  Many more I know from online, and it will be good to meet.  We have a great group of people headed this way.  Classes, talks, workshops, working groups, night time chats (sorry, had to take out "Fireside chats" as the area is too dry for open fires this year) - we are all in for a great event.  If you are coming for a few days, be sure to bring your fishing gear, toys, et cetera - there are many great activities out here.  

See you all soon!

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