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Friday, June 26, 2015


III Percent Society
A few serious III Patriots had an idea to establish a system to quantify the Threat Condition (ThreatCon) facing the III Community based loosely on the DefCon model used by .Mil forces.  

One of the primary purposes of the ThreatCon system is to ensure Patriots do not step off the porch based on bad Intel.  

ThreatCon is a simple system, using color codes based on Colonel Cooper's system, slightly modified for our purposes.  We encourage bloggers and other media shops within the Liberty Forces to add the color bars to your venues, and change them as circumstances warrant.  This will keep your readers aware, at a quick glance, that the status quo is secure, or maybe something is popping-off, leading you to change your ThreatCon level.

When you visit the page you'll notice a color bar near the top.  This is the 'Current ThreatCon' as determined by a small group of III Patriots as it applies to CONUS.  

Here's the really cool part.  You'll see a clickable calculator that will allow you to enter your own values, based on events and circumstances happening in your AO or Region, so you can tailor your local/regional ThreatCon for your Tribe/Militias/CUTT/Strategic Services shop, et cetera.  

Media shops can also use the calculator to determine their own ThreatCon level, based on their interpretation of events.  What you may see as a Black event, others may interpret as a Yellow - so everyone can fine tune the system to their own perspective.  Just one example of how this can benefit local Liberty Forces: The AO Commander may determine that phone trees get lit-up anytime a ThreatCon Orange is signaled.  Use the tool as you will, Patriots.

My deep and sincere thanks to JT & Hawk who made this happen.

This is just one public example of Patriots working together to accomplish real, tangible results.  Good work, guys.

This is what we do.

ThreatCon.us - here.


  1. Replies
    1. On behalf of the entire Team - Thank you. ;)

  2. Actually pretty good, your more then a blog, your actually useful.

  3. Given the state of the country right now, shouldn't the colors be more rainbow like? It would really help the guy's in the California area. ;)

  4. Good Stuff K, say thanks from the hill folk.

  5. Great idea,will be a useful tool for all of us.
    Thank you to all involved !

  6. Free Citizen here. Great!! Appreciate the work that went into it. Checked it first thing this morning.

  7. Where is Matt Bracken? His last posts on Facebook were June 15th...


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