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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Weekend Fundraiser

We have several expensive III Projects in the works, and they can all use a few bucks to keep them moving toward the finish line.  Several will be unveiled at PatCon in just under 6 weeks.  You can help out and get yourself some gear at the same time.  

III Militia tabs for you, your Team, CUTT, Militia - or to give out at the next gun show you visit when you run into those few serious Patriots you'll meet.  If you aren't part of your local Militia - gift them a set for their guys.  

Tabs are 1 x 4 - perfect on the back of your tactical caps, and they fit nicely on most gear.  

They have both pieces of velcro on the back, so all your mounting options are covered.

OD & Black.

Shipping is free.  In stock - order over the weekend, they ship out Monday.

III Militia Tabs

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