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Friday, July 3, 2015

Another Win for Evil - Americans pee themselves when they see a Soldier

The official charge against this US Soldier: 'Going armed to the terror of the public".

You can't make this stuff up.  (For all you guys and gals exercising your 2A, remember this charge.  You will see it again.)

As a whole, we have become a people with a skewed moral compass.

We have become a frightened people.

Lazy and fat are on display everywhere.

It is the loss of courage and grit that will lead us to mass graves.

Those who mean to be Masters want us to be terrified of our own shadows.

They are achieving that end state for the overwhelming majority of the country.


  1. Looks like one of the cops just got himself a chestrig

  2. Yeah. That "crime" has been on the books since reconstruction, but saw very little use until recently. In the last two years, however, a number of municipalities are using it as a defacto ban on open carry, in contravention of other state laws which specifically protect the right to bear arms.

    They. Will. Never. Stop.

    Until we make them...

    It is time.

  3. I have commented throughout
    the blog/Internet sphere (why do I bother)
    all morning about this, much to the anger
    and insult of the "Lazy and fat on display everywhere."
    American Freedom and Independence are dead, long
    live American Freedom and Independence!"
    God Damn it!

  4. However you feel about the bogus charges. What that man did was world class stupid. Every three years or so some Psyco 15-23 year old in full combat gear walks into a school, church , movie house or MALL (gun free zone) and kills every unarmed person they can. To criticize anyone for "panic" under conditions where they see a young male in full combat gear with ammo and an "assault rifle" walking in a mall(gun free zone) is stupid in ways that are truly hard to fathom. When you troll this kind black propaganda CIA PSYOP bullshit anyone with the IQ of a horse fly has to wonder who you work for.

    1. So - we should all live our lives based on what fears we may or may not instill in our neighbors? We should only exercise those Natural Rights that do not make other frightened?

      Sorry, you side with the timid and insist that everyone lowers themselves to their level of courage, and we may as well surrender now.

  5. Bullshit is a "Gun Free Zone" - it is simply an invitation for anyone that wants to kill to have at it. Anyone that doesn't get this is, in your words, "World Class Stupid"!

    And how arrogant is it of anyone to think that all murder, by whatever means, can be prevented? By the sheer numbers of people in this country, murder will happen - it is the nature of man!

    In 2013, there were approximately 14,200 murders in a population of around 318 million - a figure that is miniscule and almost nil as a measure of the percentage of the population.

    While it certainly is tragic (and criminal) when a psycho kills people in a mass shooting, it really is not a significant event from a sheer statistical point of view. The hype is made simply to support an agenda and anyone that does not know what that agenda is 'World Class Stupid."

    Perhaps the murder count and rate, and crime in general, would be even less if people were actually allowed to defend themselves - statistics have proven this to be true!

    To not arm and defend one's self, family, friends, and a civil society in general, and to not teach women and children how to handle, respect, and not fear firearms in a society where criminals use them, is "World Class Stupid" - and cowardly!



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