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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Burn my flag? F' me? No - F' You!




Patriots: I have warned for years that we were on a clock.  The clock has been set by Enemies of Liberty. They want something serious underway before November 2016.

It is getting under way right now.

Thanks to Alan for the links.

You say you want my knee bent?

Fuck You!

I am part of the III Percent.


  1. Without question, that "encounter" goes in the
    win column for Patriots.
    Wow, that was so simple, easy and straightforward.
    Team commie announces (the when and where) that the Confederate Battle Flag and the current version of our Republic's flag will be burned
    to protest "racism."
    Patriots, Bikers, Veterans, family and friends turn up ( a heartbeat away from stomping a mudhole in their asses) and
    cowardly communist shitbags run for it..
    I am lacking a serious headache from the simplicity
    of it.
    Who would have thunk it?

  2. Just remember, it's not a flag they want to burn; it's you. It's your family. Your beliefs. They intend to extirpate the very notion of liberty.

    Unless we extirpate the very notion of communism, first.

    To the victors, go the spoils. Will you have them gorge upon the very essence of everything you believe in? If the answer is "no", then prepare to stand and be counted in the breach...

    Words will never deter them, nor ever have.
    Votes will not hinder them, for they hate the Republic itself.
    Fear will not disuade them, for they are drunk with vain glory.
    Only the letting of blood will change the course of events.
    Nothing less will suffice, for they have made it so.
    Let us therefore give them what they have purposed for us...

    If they will not go, then let the blood flow.


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